HEMA Beauty Must-haves

Hi! I have been working as an Intern within the HEMA Beauty department since September 2018, which has reignited my appreciation for affordable beauty products. There are loads of HEMA products that I like, however I picked out my absolute favorite skin care and makeup items for this post! Let’s start with makeup. My skinContinue reading “HEMA Beauty Must-haves”

Spring Favourites 2018

Hey! As you may have noticed, I haven’t really been great at uploading monthly favourites. In fact I did not upload a single one during spring. That’s mainly because there weren’t a lot of products that I was loving. However, it is enough for a seasonal favourites article and I will probably do that inContinue reading “Spring Favourites 2018”

My Pre-Makeup Skincare Routine

Hey! Before I start the article I want to give you a little blog update 🙂 You might have noticed that last week my article was only available in English and not in Dutch, that’s because the article was simply too long and adding another language would only make it longer. Additionally, ever since IContinue reading “My Pre-Makeup Skincare Routine”

GlamGlow Glowstarter & Glowsetter: Review

Hey beauties, Recently I bought a GlamGlow Superglow Set for 27 pouds at Boots as I really wanted to try out the Glowstarter and the Glowsetter without needing to buy a full sized product. In order to help you decide on whether you need these products n your life, I’m sharing my thoughts on them!Continue reading “GlamGlow Glowstarter & Glowsetter: Review”

Clinique Pep-Start Bubble Mask: a Review

Hey! Halfway last year Clinique came out with the Pep-Start double bubble purifying mask, a 2 minute mask that is supposed to make the skin look energized and radiant, while also deeply purify the skin. But does that actually happen? Hey! Halverwege 2017 kwam Clinique uit met de Pep-Start double bubble purifying mask, een snelContinue reading “Clinique Pep-Start Bubble Mask: a Review”

The GlamGlow Multimasking Kit: Review

Hey! My lovely family gave me the Multimasking Kit by GlamGlow for my birthday. I wanted to buy these myself to try them out and hopefully find one or more masks that works wonders for my skin. But then I got this set from my fam! For €42 you get 30 gr of the SupermudContinue reading “The GlamGlow Multimasking Kit: Review”