The GlamGlow Multimasking Kit: Review

Hey! My lovely family gave me the Multimasking Kit by GlamGlow for my birthday. I wanted to buy these myself to try them out and hopefully find one or more masks that works wonders for my skin. But then I got this set from my fam! For €42 you get 30 gr of the SupermudContinue reading “The GlamGlow Multimasking Kit: Review”

Too Faced, Melted Matte: a Review

Hey! During my vacation in Greece I bought a Melted Matte liquid lipstick by Too Faced at a Sephora. I actually wasn’t planning on buying one, as I wanted to buy the Born This Way foundation and Hangover Primer (again), but both were sold out…. Because I really wanted to buy a product by TooContinue reading “Too Faced, Melted Matte: a Review”

The Body Shop, Mini Haul & Reviews

Hi! A while ago I bought some new goodies from The Body Shop and after testing it out it is now time to share my thoughts on them! So, keep reading 🙂 Aloe Calming Foaming Wash I was in the need of a cleanser that I could use daily and therefore I bought this productContinue reading “The Body Shop, Mini Haul & Reviews”

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette: Review

Hi! So, I treated myself with the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! I actually wanted to buy it during my summer holiday in France last year, but then they were out of stock. Luckily the palette came back, and today I’m sharing my thoughts on it! I ordered mine at the French Sephora website forContinue reading “Too Faced Sweet Peach palette: Review”

The Fresher Skin Foundation by Rimmel London: Review

I’ve been searching for a good drugstore foundation for a while. As young teenager I really liked the Stay Matte foundation from Rimmel London until I realized how cakey  it looked on my skin two years ago. A matte foundation isn’t really a good idea when you have normal to dry skin. Ever since I’veContinue reading “The Fresher Skin Foundation by Rimmel London: Review”

Does it really work? The Pilaten Bleakhead Peel-Off Mask

Hi! Today, I’m sharing another review on a skin care product with you. I think that we all have seen videos of the peel-off mask that removes a ton of blackheads! But does it really work? There are a lot of companies that promote these type of masks and I tried out the one byContinue reading “Does it really work? The Pilaten Bleakhead Peel-Off Mask”

Freeman Beauty Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask: Review

Hey! Its time for another face mask review. I picked up this mask at the Kruidvat, a drugstore, for under €4! I have used the pomegranate peel-off mask from this brand for a while, but I thought it was time to try out something different! The first thing I noticed about this mask is theContinue reading “Freeman Beauty Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask: Review”

The Body Shop, Himalayan Charcoal Mask: Review

Hey! Today I’m sharing another skincare review with you! I have a bit of a face mask obsession. And the Himalayan Charcoal/purifying glow masks attracted me as soon as it came out, but I haven’t had the time to try it out until a few weeks ago. Now that I have used it several times,Continue reading “The Body Shop, Himalayan Charcoal Mask: Review”

The Body Shop Bath Fizzers: Review

As I mentioned in my shopping haul I bought some products from the Body Shop for a review. And today I’m sharing one of them with you! These little things are bath fizzers and they are only €1 a piece. I love taking baths, especially with a bath bomb or bath oil, so I had toContinue reading “The Body Shop Bath Fizzers: Review”

Review: Charcoal pore strips by 7th Heaven/ Montagne Jeunesse

Hi! When I was in Brussels last week I discovered the 7th Heaven Charcoal pore strips at the Claire’s. I kinda suffer from blackheads on my nose, so I was keen to try it out and I just had to review it! The strips promise to absorb excess sebum and blackheads. Additionally, it cleans yourContinue reading “Review: Charcoal pore strips by 7th Heaven/ Montagne Jeunesse”