The 100th Article: 25 Random Facts About Me

Hi and welcome to the 100th blog post! In my first article I introduced myself through sharing 25 facts about me and today  I’m telling 25 other random facts about me too celebrate! Hoi en welkom bij mijn 100ste blogpost! In mijn eerste artikel deelde ik 25 feiten over mij als introductie en vandaag deelContinue reading “The 100th Article: 25 Random Facts About Me”

Food Bucketlist Update: an over the top milkshake 

Hey! Not too long ago I showed you two types of Food Bucketlists in an article. And I already crossed one thing off the ” Gimme All the Food” Bucketlist, which concerns the types of dishes I would love to try and today I tell you what I crossed off, where I had it andContinue reading “Food Bucketlist Update: an over the top milkshake “

Lets talk about being different 

Hi! Today I am going to talk about that being different and liking stuff that others don’t like is okay. Its more than okay actually, it is great. Imagine a world where we would all be the same, that would be so boring and grey the only upside is that maybe there could be peace…Continue reading “Lets talk about being different “