Food Bucketlist Update: Cronuts, Nando’s & Blood Sausage

Hey, I’m back with another food bucketlist update! Besides studying and shopping, I’m also eating a lot during my stay in Brighton haha. So I’ve crossed some things off my “gimme all the food” bucketlist I really want to tell you about! However, I also want to add a few things on this list likeContinue reading “Food Bucketlist Update: Cronuts, Nando’s & Blood Sausage”

Food Bucketlist Update: Cooking Turkey & Poké at The Avocado Show

Hey! It is already time for another update on my food Bucketlist(s)! And this time I crossed  something from both my Cooking Bucketlist and Eating Bucketlist. However, I have also added that I want to try out a Cronut on my Eating bucketlist! Hey! Het is alweer tijd voor een update van mijn food bucketlist(s)!Continue reading “Food Bucketlist Update: Cooking Turkey & Poké at The Avocado Show”