A Little Lush Haul


Earlier this week I asked on Instagram whether you would want to see a little Lush haul on the blog this weekend and the poll received a 100% yes vote! Your wish is my command 😀

I love taking a bath, but sadly during my exchange I wasn’t able to regularly take a bath. Now that I’m back home I can, so I decided to treat myself to some bath products from Lush! I didn’t go as crazy as I wanted to, because…well €€€€€€€€. But I did buy 6 products.

One of the products that I bought is a Bubble Bar called The Comforter. This is btw the only product that I got that I’m familiar with. The rest of the products I’ll be trying out for the first time 🙂 The Comforter is definitely a favorite of mine! I love the sweet fruity scent and it creates great bubbles. Moreover, you can make a very nice bath with only a small piece of this product and therefore you can use it for quite a while!

The latter is also the reason why I bought the Bubble Bar called Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds  to try out, because as you can tell from the photos it is a very similar product. This bar smells very different compared to the other one as it is made with the use of incense oil, cinnamon leaf oil and patchouli oil. Probably not everyone would like this scent, because of the earthy and spicy tones, but I think it will make a very relaxing bath.

Then, I also bought two Bath Bombs. The first one that I want to mention is the Avobath. This Bath Bomb, among other things, contains avocado oil and the oil of lemon grass. It smells very nice, fresh and well like lemon grass haha. The product is supposed to leave your skin hydrated, so I will use this when my skin feels dull and/or dry.

The other Bath Bomb that I got is the Yellow Submarine, which yeah I just had to buy because of the submarine like shape. Just like the previous Bath Bomb it smells really nice and fresh. Can’t wait to use it 😀

The last product that I bought is the Green Coconut Jelly Bomb. I’ve been wanting to try the Jelly Bombs for a while now and I got this one, because I loooooooooooove coconut. The coconut cream that is in the product should hydrate your skin and the cinnamon oil is there to calm you down. Sounds like a great way to relax!

Moreover, I received the Woosh Shower Jelly as a sample. The Shower Jellies seem like a bit of a weird concept to me, but it smells like lemon and mint, which is quite nice so I’m curious to see if I will like the concept after trying it out.

I will probably be posting videos or pictures from the bath water on instagram/instagram stories. So if you want to see how these products will turn out don’t forget to follow me there, if you don’t do it already!

Love Life,

Maxime ♥

Urban Decay Beached Palette and Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss: Review

Hi! I have been testing out two products by Urban Decay, their Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss formula and the Beached Eyeshadow Palette from the limited summer collection. So, here is my review!

The Beached Eyeshadow Palette is $34 dollars/€38,95/£28, depending on where you live. For this price you get eight beautiful eyeshadows from which one shade has a matte finish and the rest are all shimmery. I wish that there was at least one more matte shade in the palette just to have at least on other colour that can be used in the crease or other v of the eye, but that is also because I personally prefer to use matte shades in these areas. Nevertheless, I do think that you can create a lot of different looks with this palette.

Additionally, I find the packaging very beautiful and since it is quite compact it is easy to take with you while traveling. However, I do have a little complaint. Because of the way the top part is attached to the side with the eyeshadows, it makes the palette very long and hereby difficult to use the mirror. It is possible to flip the side with the mirror underneath, so the palette doesn’t become as long, but this means that you have to turn around the palette every time after dipping into an eyeshadow. Idk, its just a bit impractical.

Furthermore, the formula of the eyeshadows is very nice! The pigmentation is great, but you have to build up the blue/turquoise eyeshadows a bit more than the others (sometimes I like to use a fingertip or wet brush for these shares). Additionally, the shadows last all day and don’t crease! So, you don’t really need to use an eyeshadow primer!  All in all, I think it is a great palette and I find the shades simply gorgeous!

For this look I used daybreak, doubledip, plunge, wedge and salt.

Now, on to the Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss! One lip gloss costs $20/€22,55/£15 and then you get 7 ml. I bought the lip gloss in the shade Snitch, which is a bright pink coral shade.

The packaging of the product is rather pretty and sturdy. Plus, I like the shape of the  applicator and the fact that the packaging allows you to see the colour of the lip gloss.

I also really like the formula of the lip gloss as it is quite pigmented for a lip gloss, lasts a decent amount of time (± 2 hours) and the shine of it is beautiful. Moreover, the gloss is not sticky, but you do of course feel that there is a layer of product on your lips. In addition the lip gloss tastes like mint, which is actually really nice…. Not sure if that is a good thing though! haha

I find that Snitch is a beautiful shade for summer and since I really like this formula I want to buy more shades of the Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss.

In this picture I’m only wearing Snitch
Snitch on top of the NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic. 

Love Life,


Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipstick & Stunna Lip Paint: Review


Welcome to the new and improved Lovin’ Life website! I hope you like the update 😀 Around 1.5 month ago I bought two lip products from Fenty Beauty and ever since I wanted to let you know my thoughts, but I have been soooooooo busy with school and enjoying my time in England that I kinda got side-tracked from my blog. I’m so sorry for the delay!

First, I want to talk to you about the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick formula, from which I got the shade S1ngle. For €18.89 you get 1.7 grams of product, while for a MAC lipstick you pay €19,50 but then you get almost double the product, namely 3 grams. So that is slightly disappointing.

The packaging of the product is gorgeous and seems very luxurious. However, when you take off the lid, the lipstick feels very light and it kinda feels fragile in my hands. Nevertheless, I haven’t experienced any problems because of this, so there is not really a reason to complain. Also, I really like the shape of the lipstick itself as it makes it very easy to control and therefore I’m able to apply the product perfectly.

Furthermore, the lipstick is available in 14 shades and I bought S1ingle as I find it a unique, but wearable colour. It is a nude that almost seems a light type of orange while it can also be described as a salmon pink. I think it is a beautiful colour! And even though I was a bit afraid of it not looking good on me, it is pretty flattering 🙂

The formula does not feel heavy for a matte, which is really nice as it doesn’t dry out your lips as much, compared to other matte formulas. Additionally, the lipstick is rather pigmented, lasts about 4 hours (pretty reasonable) and doesn’t bleed or feather. However, the formula is not budge-proof as it does transfer when you are for example having a drink. Other than that I think it is a really nice lipstick and since I love this shade I’ve been wearing it a lot!

The other thing I got is the Stunna Lip Paint, which costs €20,43 and then you get 4 ML of product. This time the Fenty Beauty is a better deal than a MAC liquid lipstick as they are higher in price and you would receive less product.

Again, the packaging of the product is absolutely beautiful and this one doesn’t have the little issue of feeling fragile. However, I do have a problem with the wand as it has an unusual shape and it makes it very difficult for me to apply the lipstick correctly.

The Stunna Lip Paint is only available in one colour, but I think it might be the most beautiful shade of red that I have ever seen.

The formula of this liquid lipstick is very pigmented and very thin. Because of that I was afraid that it would bleed into my skin, but luckily it doesn’t! Additionally, just like the Mattemoiselle formula the Stunna Lip Paint transfers. Nevertheless, this liquid lipstick stays on for such a long time! I actually went out a few weeks ago and wore the Stunna Lip Paint, when I came back home early in the morning the lipstick still looked amazing!

The lipstick dries a bit between a matte and a satin finish, which I think is beautiful. Moreover, it feels very light on the lips, so you do not really notice that you are wearing a lipstick. I absolutely love this formula, but I  would use it more if it had a nicer applicator as I’m still quite hesitant to use it.

Love Life,


My Pre-Makeup Skincare Routine

Hey! Before I start the article I want to give you a little blog update 🙂

You might have noticed that last week my article was only available in English and not in Dutch, that’s because the article was simply too long and adding another language would only make it longer. Additionally, ever since I started my blog I’ve been in doubt whether or not it should be bilingual. So, after last week’s article was received rather well, even though it was only in English I thought I should let you girls and guys decide via a pool in my Instagram stories. The poll ended with 30% that voted for bilingual and 70% for solely English and therefore, for the next month or so I’ve decided to only publish my articles in English as another little test and see how my stats will be further affected by this. Of course, if they are not badly affected my future, future blog posts will be in English and otherwise also in Dutch. I hope you don’t mind!

So, now, let me tell you about the current skincare products that I have been using in order to prepare my skin for makeup. This is not my everyday routine, but the steps that I follow when I want make makeup apply as gorgeous as possible!


Of course my skincare routing starts with cleansing my face and I like to use two products for this. First I use the 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner by Nivea as this gently cleans the skin while also hydrating it. Then I like to follow with the Clinique pep-start Double Bubble mask, which cleans the skin deeper and makes the skin look beautiful, glowy and even. Read my review of this product here. As I mention in that article you don’t really need to have this product for your everyday life, but it is a great addition to your skincare routine if you want to make your makeup look (near) flawless.

Moisturize baby 

After cleansing my face it is time to apply moisturizer, and again I don’t just use one product, this time there are three. I start with moisturizing my face with the Olaz in Dutch, but Olay in English Double Action Day Cream & Primer for sensitive skin. I don’t really see this cream as a primer, but it hydrates my skin very well.

The second moisturizer is the Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm, this I naturally apply under the eyes. However, on some days my eyelids tend to feel rather dry, on these days I also apply a bit of this balm on the lids.

Additionally, since my lips can get dry very fast I like to hydrate them before I apply any lipstick on them. Recently, I’ve been liking the lip balm by Burt’s Bees as I have the feeling that they are one of the lip balms that actually hydrates my lips for a decent amount of time.

Priming the canvas

I know, priming isn’t really skincare. However, I don’t see it as makeup either. I guess it is somewhere in between, but since it is an important step in creating an amazing base for makeup I thought I should mention the two products that works the best for me.

Of course, for my face I use my trusty Hangover Primer by Too Faced. I have the feeling that I already talked about this product soooooo many times on my blog. But yeah, since my skin tends to be lightly dry, this is an awesome primer as it hydrates my skin while also creating a base that makes my makeup last longer!

The last step of this routine concerns priming my eyelids in order to make eyeshadow look a bit brighter and most importantly make it last longer. Lately, I’ve been using the Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly and I really like it! And that is not just because of the packaging, but also because it prevents my eyeshadow from creasing and it simply looks better for a longer amount of time.

That was my pre-makeup skincare routine! Which product(s) do you love to apply before your makeup?

Love Life,


A Weekend in Edinburgh


I hope that you had a lovely weekend! I have spent mine by enjoying the weather and sadly I also had to work on some school stuff. However, in this article I want to tell you about my previous weekend, as I went to Edinburgh with two friends and would love to share my experience with you!

Friday the 13th of April 

The day started early…very early… Our airplane left at 7:15 in the morning, which meant leaving the house at 4:00 and therefore, getting up around 3:00.  After a soy cappuccino at Pret a Manger it was time to board the plain and head off to Edinburgh, Scotland. We arrived in Edinburgh around 8:40 in the morning and after a short bus ride we found ourselves standing in the middle of the city center from which it was a two minute walk to the hostel were we would be staying. We dropped off our luggage and then we went to The Elephant House for brunch.

So, The Elephant House claims to be the birthplace of Harry Potter, which it isn’t. However, J. K. Rowling did work on some books at this cafe. Sadly, I can’t recommend going to The Elephant House as the service isn’t that great and the food isn’t either…..

When it looks better than it tastes….

Such a disappointment! Nevertheless, afterwards we visited Edinburgh castle, which was quite interesting and the few Game of Thrones references that you can kinda find definitely cheered me up.

Of course after our stroll at the castle in foggy and cold weather, it was time for a cup of tea. We had a cup of tea with something sweet on the side ( I went for an amazing Hazelnut & Cinnamon Shortbread) at Deacons House Cafe, which looked very nice on the outside and rather cute on the inside. Definitely recommend going here, if you want a simple sweet snack and some tea!

After the Afternoon tea we checked out the room where we would be staying, relaxed a bit and before we went to have dinner, we had a massive walk through the city. For dinner we went to Mums Great Comfort Food, where you will be welcomed by nice and funny staff. The interior is fairly 70’s and the menu probably hasn’t changed since then either. I went for a puff pastry fish pie and even though I didn’t really had place for dessert, a raspberry and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. I liked the vibe of the restaurant, but I loved the food even more!

Saturday the 14th of April 

After the insanely long Friday we had a bit of a lie in on Saturday. For breakfast we went to a cafe across the street called The Wall, and as a major GoT nerd I just had to go. I went for an Americano and a Feta and Tomato toastie, which was a bit overpriced but quite tasty! And a hipster cafe with delish coffee was just what I needed.

With caffeine running through my vines, we walked to the Scottish parliament. We thought we should do something educational. The parliament was somewhat interesting, but sadly there wasn’t much to see if you didn’t go for a tour. Nevertheless, in front of the parliament there is a little square from which you can see the highlands and a little mountain called Arthur’s Seat. Absolutely gorgeous ❤

Moreover, on the other side of the square lies Holyrood Palace, the summer residence of the queen. We didn’t knew this at first, but we decided to visit the castle. This castle is way more authentic than Edinburgh castle and you can see how previous kings and queens lived here. Long story short, I really enjoyed wandering through this castle, while listening to an audio guide.

Behind the castle there is also a ruin of a chapel

It was well past noon when we left the palace and therefore it was time for lunch! We sat down at No. 1 High Street, a traditional Scottish pub. I went for a Clansman burger, which contains a beef patty, bacon, cheese, tomato and lettuce, with some chips/fries.  Delicious!

The rest of the afternoon we spent strolling through New Town, a part of the city that is great for shopping and of course we did that as well haha

We ended the day at probably my favorite restaurant chain, Wagamama ❤ (Yes, that is a G&T in the background)

Sunday the 15th of April 

Sadly it was our last day in Edinburgh and we had to check out relatively early, so we were not able to sleep in. However, at the Edinburgh Press Club Cafe they have a great almond milk cappuccino, which immediately made me feel better. Combined with some smashed avocado toast, you would think that a day couldn’t start much better, but nevertheless I was a bit cranky that morning.

After breakfast we walked to the Royal Botanical Garden, which was a bit of a let down… It is a great place to play Pokemon Go though haha

One of the very few beautiful spots of the garden

We did some more walking, and walking and a bit more walking until we stopped at The Pantry, which I would describe as a hipster restaurant. There was a bit of a queue, so we had to wait for a table for 40 minutes but when my poached eggs on toast, with butternut squash, courgette, guacamole and pickled peppers arrived, it was definitely worth the wait! It was sooooooooooo tasty! And after this lunch I was finally feeling myself again as I wasn’t cranky anymore 😀

After the lunch we went for a Harry Potter tour, which was rather interesting and pretty cool! Thereafter, I finally tried out a fried Mars bar!! (I will tell you more about it in the next food bucketlist update) This was then followed by a tea at Starbucks and then it was already time to pick up our luggage from the hostel and start our journey back to Brighton.

Definite had some hits and misses during the weekend, but nevertheless I really enjoyed Edinburgh and sooo recommend you to go as it is a super gorgeous city. I hope you found this article interesting and useful!

Love Life,


2018 March Favs


It has been a while since my last monthly favorites and that is because I haven’t really fallen in love with new products this year. However, during March I finally became obsessed with some goodies!


Het is al weer even geleden sinds mijn laatste maandelijkse favorieten en dat is, omdat ik dit jaar nog niet echt verliefd ben geworden op nieuwe producten. Maar in de maand Maart ben ik eindelijk goodies tegen gekomen waar ik dol op ben!

Beauty favs 

Let’s start off with some skin care, namely the Soothing Eye Balm by the brand Simple. I was actually looking for some under eye masks, because they were feeling kind of dry, but when I couldn’t find them I bought this eye cream. And I’m so glad that I did! This cream is very moisturizing and also helps with reducing puffy under eyes, which is just what I need right now. Love it!

Laten we beginnen met wat huidverzorging, namelijk de Soothing Eye Balm van het merk Simple. Ik was eigenlijk op zoek naar maskertjes voor onder mijn ogen, omdat ze de laatste tijd best droog zijn, maar helaas kon ik ze niet vonden dus kocht ik maar deze oog crème. En wat ben ik blij dat ik dat heb gedaan! Deze crème is erg hydraterent en helpt ook wanneer mijn huid onder mijn ogen een beetje puffy zijn, precies wat ik op dit moment nodig heb. Love it!

Another moisturizing product that I’ve been obsessed with is the Winter Wonder Hand Cream by Zoella Beauty. Because of the crazy weather of the last 1,5 months my hands have been very dry!!! This hand cream smells very refreshing, which I really like. But the best thing about this cream that it sinks into the skin within a few minutes! So, you are not left with greasy hands for a long time. Moreover, it makes my hands feel very soft.

Een ander hydraterent product waar ik door geobsedeerd ben is de Winter Wonder Hand Cream van Zoella Beauty. Door het gekke weer van de afgelopen 1, maand zijn mijn hander erg droog geweest!!! Deze hand crème ruikt lekker fris, wat ik erg fijn vindt, Maar het beste van deze crème is dat het binnen een paar minuten intrekt! Daardoor heb je dus geen vette handen voor een lange tijd. Bovendien, zorgt de crème ervoor dat mijn handen zacht aan voelen. 

The last skin care product of this monthly favs is the infusions shower cream by Imperial Leather in the scent coconut & tiare flower. As you might now, I love my coconut scented products and that is the reason why I’m obsessed with it.

Het laatste verzorgingsproduct van deze maandelijkse favs is de infusions shower cream van Imperial Leather in de geur kokosnoo en tiare bloem. Zo als je misschien al weet houik van producten die naar kokos ruiken en dat is dan ook de reden waarom ik geobsedeerd ben met deze shower cream.

Lets move on to makeup!

If you follow me on insta you might already have that I like the NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic. Man, I wish I bought this product earlier! Even though it is rather drying on the lips, I just can’t get enough of this shade. Love it!

Als je me op insta volgt heb je waarschijnlijk al gezien dat ik de NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic leuk vind. Had ik dit product maar eerder gekocht! Ook al voelt het wel droog aan op mijn lippen, kan ik niet genoeg krijgen van deze kleur. Love it!

Then the illuminating powder in peonies please by Tanya Burr Cosmetics is the last beauty favorite of this month. And to be honest this is my most favorite out of all the favorites of March! I use this powder as a blush, and it is just absolutely drop dead gorgeous. It looks very natural on the skin and it leaves a beautiful sheen! Moreover, the powder is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Sadly, pictures don’t do it justice, but believe me, it is amazing!

Dan, de illuminating powder in peonies please van Tanya Burr Cosmetics is het laatste beauty favoriet van deze maand. En om eerlijk te zijn is dit mijn meest favoriete van allen favs van Maart! Ik gebruik deze poeder als een blush, en het is dus echt fantastisch mooi! Het ziet er erg natuurlijk uit en het geeft de huid een mooie sheen! Bovendien, is de poeder erg gepigmenteerd, dus een klein beetje van dit product  is vaak meer dan genoeg. Helaas laten foto’s niet zien hoe mooi dit product in werkelijkheid is, maar geloof me het is fantastisch! 

Other favs 

Fav tv show: Victoria!!! View the trailer of season one > here <

Fav song: Friends by Marshmello and Anne-Marie

Fav person on social media: @glowingikwang on twitter. (this is my little sister and she is hilarious)

Love Life,


Food Bucketlist Update: Cronuts, Nando’s & Blood Sausage

Hey, I’m back with another food bucketlist update! Besides studying and shopping, I’m also eating a lot during my stay in Brighton haha. So I’ve crossed some things off my “gimme all the food” bucketlist I really want to tell you about! However, I also want to add a few things on this list like a fried mars bar and Scottish eggs. Moreover, I have decided to scrap Dunkin’ Donuts of my list and replace it by Taco Bell. Additionally, I want to start a bucketlist concerning drinks, which will also be included in this series! You can find my full and updated bucketlists at the end of this article xx

Hey, het is weer tijd voor een food bucketlist update! Naast studeren en winkelen, eet ik erg veel tijdens mijn verblijf in Brighton haha. Dus ik heb wat dingen van mijn “gimme all the food” bucketlist waar ik je heel graag over wil vertellen! Verder wil ik ook wat nieuwe dingen aan deze lijst toevoegen, zoals een gefrituurde mars en Scottish eggs. Bovendien, heb ik ook besloten om Dunkin’ donuts van mijn lijst te halen en te vervangen door Taco Bell. Ook wil ik een drankjes bucketlist beginnen en die ga ik toevoegen aan deze serie! Je kan mijn hele e updatet bucketlists aan het einde van dit artikel vinden xx

Blood Sausage/Bloedworst 

During my days at the Butchery I always found that blood sausage or black pudding, smells rather nice, but I never had the guts to try it until last week even though it has been on my food bucketlist for a really long time. I thought that blood sausage would have a very strong taste, but it is kind of subtle. I don’t really know how I can describe the taste, however I can tell you that I liked it! So yeah, I’m definitely going to have blood sausage again and I really recommend you to try it! I know it sounds horrible but it is actually tasty!

Homemade breakfast by some flatmates and me 🙂

Toen ik nog bij een slagerij werkte, vond ik bloedworst altijd wel lekker ruiken, maar ik heb nooit de moed gehad om het te proberen tot vorige week, ook al stond het al een hele lange tijd op mijn bucketlist. Ik had verwacht dat bloedworst een hele sterke smaak zou hebben, maar het is eigenlijk subtiel van smaak. Ik weet niet echt hoe ik de smaak kan beschrijven, maar ik kan wel zeggen dat ik het best lekker vind! Dus ja, ik ga dit zeker nog een keer eten en ik raad je echt om het een keer te proberen! I know, het klinkt verschrikkelijk, maar het is eigenlijk wel lekker!


Nando’s is a fast food chain that actually serves nice food. The chain serves different types of chicken cuts and dishes, but also has vegetarian options, with delicious sides. I can make this a long story, but I’m not gonna. Nando’s is amazing and I already went back for a second time last week. I’m sooooo sad that there are no Nando’s in the Netherlands 😦                                                                                                                                         I guess that means that I am allowed to go to Nando’s a lot before I go back home haha

Chicken thighs, peri-peri fries/chips and supergrain salad

Nando’s is een fast food chain dat lekker eten serveert. De chain serveert allerlei soorten gedeeltes van de kip en kipgerechten, maar er zijn ook vegetarische opties, met heerlijke bijgerechten. Ik kan hier een lang verhaal van maken, maar dat ga ik niet doen. Nando’s is fantastisch en ik ben er al een tweede keer heen gegaan vorige week. Zo jammer dat er geen Nando’s in Nederland is 😦                                                                                                                  Ik denk dat, dat betekent dat ik erg vaak naar Nando’s mag gaan voordat ik weer naar huis ga haha

A fino pita with peri-peri fries/chips and garlic bread


Through the vlogs of Zoella I got to know about Dum Dum Donutterie. Dum Dum has a shop in Brighton, where they sell deliciously flavoured donuts and cronuts. When I went there I tried the Zebra cronut, which contains chocolate ganache and it was sosososo good! Cronuts are heavier on the stomach compared to normal donuts, but it is very delicious! I personally prefer a classic (ultra fluffy) sugared donut, but I will definitely try some more cronuts at Dum Dum!

Door de vlogs van Zoella kreeg ik te weten over Dum Dum Donutterie. Dum Dum heeft een winkel in Brighton, waar ze allerlei donuts en cronuts in heerlijke smaken verkopen. Toen ik er heen ging probeerde ik de Zebra cronut, wat chocolade ganache bevat en het was zozozozo lekker! Cronuts zijn wat zwaarder op de maag dan normale donuts, maar het is wel fantastisch! Persoonlijk eet ik wel liever een klassieke (ultra fluffy) gesuikerde donut, maar ik ga zeker nog meer cronuts van Dum Dum proberen!
0058eb5b-ac76-492c-8d34-9db3aaa7a373.jpgCredits for the cronut picture goes to @conijntje on instagram!!

The Cooking Bucketlist!

  • A stuffed Christmas turkey / Gevulde Kerst kalkoen
  • Porchetta, which is an Italian pork belly roulade / Porchetta, een Italiaanse buikspek rollade
  • Macarons
  • Sticky toffee puddig
  • Scones
  • Eggroles! / Loempia’s!
  • Ravioli that is stuffed with an egg yolk, which is still soft when you cut the ravioli open! / Ravioli dat is gevuld met een eidooier, dat nog steeds zacht is wanneer je de ravioli open snijdt!
  • Hummus
  • Ramen soup
  • Bagels
  • Donuts
  • Brioche
  • Sausages / Saucijsjes

The Updated Gimme All The Food Bucketlist!

  • Pumpkin pie
  • Poké                                                                                                                                            I’m probably the only person who hasn’t tried it yet haha / Ik ben een van de weinige die dit dus nog niet heeft gegeten haha
  • The duck croquette from the Kroketloket, a company here in the Netherlands / De eendkroket van het Kroketloket, een bedrijfje hier in Nederland
  • Taco Bell
  • Opera cake
  • Sea urchin / Zee egel
  • Oxtail stew                                                                                                                                     I have the feeling that oxtail is used regularly by some people, however I never tried it and would actually love to / Ik heb het gevoel dat sommige mensen regelmatig ossenstaart (stoofpot) eten, maar ik heb het nog nooit geprobeerd en ben nu eigenlijk wel benieuwd
  • Chia seed pudding
  • One of those extreme milkshakes that come with a donut / Zo een overdreven milkshake dat geserveerd word met een donut
  • Blood sausage / Bloedworst
  • Nando’s
  • Cronut
  • Fried mars bars/ een gefrituurde mars
  • Scottish eggs
  • Eat at a vegan restaurant/ eten bij een vegan restaurant

The Drinks Bucketlist

  • Bloody Mary
  • Espresso Martini
  • Guinness
  • Turmeric Latte

Love Life,


GlamGlow Glowstarter & Glowsetter: Review

Hey beauties,

Recently I bought a GlamGlow Superglow Set for 27 pouds at Boots as I really wanted to try out the Glowstarter and the Glowsetter without needing to buy a full sized product. In order to help you decide on whether you need these products n your life, I’m sharing my thoughts on them!

Hey beauties, 

Recentelijk kocht ik een GlamGlow Superglow set voor 27 pond bij Boots, omdat ik erg graag de Glowstarted en de Glowsetter wou uitproberen zonder een full sized product te hoeven kopen. Om jou te helpen met de beslissing over of je nou wel of niet deze producten in je leven nodig hebt, deel ik mijn gedachtes erover. 


A full sized Glowstarter costs 36 pounds and then you receive 50 grams of product. The hydrating cream is available in three colours, and I tried out the one in Nude Glow. The first thing I notice when applying this cream is the very sweet and rather strong candy-like scent. I personally do not like scents like this and that is one of the reasons why I don’t really like this product. Reasons, yes you read that right. Sadly, I don’t have the feeling that this does anything good for my skin as it doesn’t moisturize my skin at all. Even though I like the slight glow that the Glowstarter gives my skin it makes pimples and other imperfections more obvious. I expected so much more from this product, and therefor it breaks my heart for saying that I’m not planning on repurchasing this product.

Voor een full size Glowstarter (50 gram) betaal je €40,75. Deze hydraterende crème is beschikbaar in drie verschillende kleuren, en ik heb degene in Nude Glow uitgeprobeerd. Het eerste wat ik merk wanneer ik deze crème aanbreng is de hele zoete en sterke snoepachtige geur. Persoonlijk hou ik niet echt van dat soort geurtjes en dit is een van de redenen waarom ik geen fan ben van dit product. Redenen, ja je hebt het goed gelezen. Helaas, heb ik niet echt het gevoel dat het iets goeds doet voor mijn huid, omdat het mijn huid dus echt niet hydrateert. Ook al ben ik tevreden over hoe het mijn huid een lichte glow geeft, zorgt de Glowstarter ervoor dat puistjes en andere imperfecties duidelijker zichtbaar zijn. Ik had veel meer van dit poduct verwacht en daarvoor breekt het mijn hart om dit te zeggen, maar ik zal dit product niet nog een keer kopen. 


The Glowsetter also has a sweet scent, but unlike the Glowstarter you’re not able to smell it for a long time and luckily it isn’t as sweet. Furthermore, this setting spray has a very fine mist, which I like. However, since I’m used to the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray it took some time to adjust to this type of mist. Nevertheless, now that I’m more acquainted to the product, I actually like it a bit more than the All Nighter as it gives my skin a more glowy and healthy finish, while it also makes my makeup last just as long as with the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray! For 110 ml of the Glowsetter (full size) you pay 27 pounds and therefore it is a bit more expensive than the all Nighter, but at the moment I would rather buy the Glowsetter again.

De Glowsetter heeft ook een zoete geur, maar in tegenstelling tot de Glowstarter ruik je het niet voor een lange tijd en is het gelukkig niet zo zoet. Verder, heeft deze setting spray een erg fijne mist, wat ik best prettig vind. Maar, omdat ik gewend ben aan de Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray duurde het wel even voordat ik aan deze mist gewend raakte. Desondanks, nu dat ik goed bekend ben met het product, vind ik het eigenlijk fijner dan de All Nighter, omdat het mijn huid een meer glowy en gezondere finish geeft, terwijl mijn make-up net zo lang blijft zitten als met de Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray! 110 ml van de Glowsetter (full size) kost €30,86 en daardoor is het wel iets duurder dan de All Nighter, maar op dit moment zou ik liever de Glowsetter nog een keer kopen.

Love Life,


Quotes I Live By

The title says it all, so let’s get into it!

De titel is nogal duidelijk, dus laten we maar beginnen!

“Everything happens for a reason”

I do not believe in coincidence, and therefore definitely believe in that everything that happens in your life has a reason. Whether you have a really good or bad experience I think it is always on occasion to learn from and grow as a person. I know it is easier said then done, but I’ve noticed that I’m not overthinking as much as I used to because of living by this quote. Somethings are just not for you or on your path, and somethings (sadly) are just supposed to happen. Accepting this and making the most of (almost) every situation has positively changed my life.

Ik geloof niet in toeval en daarom ben ik ervan overtuigd dat alles wat er gebeurd in je leven een reden heeft. Of het nou om een goed of slechte ervaring gaat, vind ik dat het altijd om een situatie gaat waar je van kan te leren en kan groeien als persoon. Ik weet dat leven aan de hand van deze gedachte  makkelijker gezegd is dan gedaan, maar ik heb wel gemerkt dat het ervoor mij heeft gezorgd dat ik minder snel over iets te veel ga nadenken. Sommige dingen moeten nou eenmaal wel of niet op je pad komen en ik snap dat dat af en toe nare situaties zullen zijn. Dit accepteren en het beste maken van (bijna) elke situatie heeft een positieve invloed gehad op mijn leven.  

“If you believe it you can achieve it”

Furthermore, I also believe that whatever you do or want to do in life, you need to believe in yourself in order to do so. Again, I know this is really difficult. I still struggle with my confidence sometimes, but I swear by this quote and it actually has given me the courage to believe in myself a little bit more. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else would!? Moreover, I also think that when your confident in what your doing in order to reach whatever goal, it will become easier to achieve that goal!

Verder vind ik ook dat met wat je ook doet of wat je wil doen in het leven dat je in jezelf moet geloven om je doelen te bereiken. Again, ik weet dat dit erg moeilijk kan zijn. Zelf struggle ik ook regelmatig met mijn zelfvertrouwen, maar tegelijkertijd zweer ik bij deze quote en heeft hij mij ook eigenlijk de moed heeft gegeven om meer in mezelf te geloven. Want, als je niet in jezelf gelooft wie zal het dan wel doen!? Bovendien, denk ik ook dat wanneer je vertrouwen hebt in jezelf en wat je doet om je doelen te bereiken, het ook makkelijker wordt om deze doelen te bereiken!

“Do something today, your future self will thank you for”

I love this quote and when it comes to my school life apply this all the time! ( As in starting on projects ASAP and study well before the test). I also try to live by this quote to the rest of my life especially, when in comes to healthy living (eat healthy and exercise), which doesn’t always go that well. For example, I literally just came back from the gym and had a bit of nachos. Not a lot, but still I had some nachos…. Nevertheless, I try to follow this certain lifestyle and even though I’m not perfect I love how it makes me feel as it gives me less stress and hopefully soon more muscly bits instead of wiggly bits!

Ik hou van deze quote en wanneer het gaat om mijn school leven pas ik het hartstikke vaak toe! (Bijvoorbeeld door vroeg te beginnen aan een project en ook goed van te voren beginnen te leren voor een toets). Ik probeer deze quote ook zoveel mogelijk toe te passen in de rest van mijn leven en zeker wanneer het gaat om mijn gezondheid (gezond eten en regelmatig sporten), maar ik moet zeggen dat ik dat wel wat moeilijker vind. Bijvoorbeeld, ik ben dus echt net terug van de sportschool en ik heb al wat nachos gegeten. Niet veel, mar toch wel wat….. Desondanks, probeer ik deze quote echt wel toe te passen in mijn levensstijl en ook al ben ik niet perfect, hou ik van het gevoel dat het me geeft omdat het me minder stress geeft en hopelijk snel wat sterkere spieren en minder wobbelige lichaamsdelen! 

To which quote(s) do you live or try to live by? Naar welke quote(s) leef of probeer jij te leven?

Love Life,


Dungarees & a Jumper: an Early Spring Outfit


I’ve been in the UK for over a week now, and well let’s say I’ve done some shopping. I came across a really cute jumper that reminds me of warmer days and I combined it with my black dungarees I’m obsessed with for this article and well, cause I really like this combo! Hope you do too! ( Sadly the pictures in this article, were taken on a bit of a stormy day).


Ik ben nu al iets langer dan een weekje in de UK, en uhm ja laten we zeggen dat ik al aardig wat gewinkeld heb. Ik heb een truitje gekocht dat me aan de wat warmere dagen doet denken envoor dit artikel ik heb het gecombineerd met de zwarte tuinbruik waar ik geobsedeerd mee ben. Ik vind het een super leuke combo en hopelijk jij ook! (Helaas zijn de foto’s van dit artikel gemaakt op een licht stormachtige dag).

The Jumper 

I got this fun black & white stripey jumper with cherries at Primark for only 8 pounds! You don’t see it in the pictures, but the jumper is cropped and has a soft fabric on the inside. Furthermore, the jumper isn’t thick nor thin and therefor I think it is great for the early days of spring. I also think that a red lipstick combined with this jumper would look sososo great, because of the red cherries! This jumper is a size 38.

Ik kocht deze zwart & wit gestreepte trui met kersen bij Primark voor maar 8 pond! Je ziet het niet in de foto’s maar de trui is ietswat gecropt en heeft een zachte stof aan de binnenkant. Verder, is de trui niet dik maar ook niet, daarom denk ik dat het erg geschikt is voor het begin van de lente. Ik denk ook dat deze trui fantisch gecombineerd kan worden met een rode lipstick door de rode kersjes! Deze trui is in maat 38.

The Dungarees

I bought the dungarees at H&M a few months ago for €29.99 and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since! It has a tighter fitting than most dungarees, which I really like! Additionally, as a little detail the straps cross at the back. I just love these and am actually thinking about getting it in blue as well. But maybe I also want to try out a looser type of dungarees. Furthermore, I’m wearing a size 38.

Ik deze tuinbroek bij H&M een aantal maanden geleden voor €29,99 en sindsdien ben ik er dus obsessed mee! Het heeft een wat strakkere fit dat de meeste tuinbroeken en dit vind ik erg mooi! Ook kruisen de bandjes elkaar op de rug als een detail. Ik hou van deze tuinbroek en zit erover na de te denken om hem ook in blauw te kopen, maar misschien is het ook leuk om dan toch een wat losser/wijder model uit te proberen. Ik draag deze tuinbroek in een maat 38. 


I combined this outfit with my trusty Old Skool Vans. These Vans are 55 pounds and I wear them with almost any outfit. I love them!

Ik heb deze gecombineerd met mijn oude betrouwbare Old Skool Vans. Deze Vans kosten €75 en ik draag ze met bijna elke outfit. Love them!

Love Life,


📸 credits to @conijntje on Instagram!