2019 January & February favs

Beauty favs

Let’s start with my beauty favs as usual!

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My boyfriend gave me the Naked Cherry palette by Urban Decay and naturally I absolutely love it. Urban Decay eyeshadows are just so good! They are pigmented, blend gorgeously and they last the entire day ❤

I love the colour selection of the Naked Cherry palette, but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the shade Ambitious. This is a bronzy shade that has a beautiful pink hue to it. So pretty!

My lips can get really dry during the winter and lip balms sometimes just don’t solve the issue. In the advent calendar of NYX there were two Lip oils and I have been using them A LOT. It makes my lips feel really soft and hydrated. The two flavours of the lip oils are Cranberry mint and Candy pop. But personally, I do not have a favorite flavour.

Another NYX lip product that I love at the moment is the Liquid Suede lipstick in the shade Peanut brittle, which I also got in the advent calendar. Lately, I have been kinda obsessed with lipsticks that have a touch of orange in them. Peanut brittle is my absolute favourite as it is a very wearable colour. In addition, the suede lipstick stays put a good amount of time (4/5 hours). Love it!


For highlighting I’ve been really liking the Liquid shimmering skin perfector highlight in Moonstone by Becca. Normally, I am not a big fan of liquid products (except for foundation and concealer). However, I adore the natural glow this highlighter gives to my skin.


I also quickly want to mention the Wood sage & Sea Salt perfume by Jo Malone. I only bought this a week ago, but I am so happy with it. It is a very different scent than what I usually put on.  The perfume is a warm, earthy scent that at the same time smells very fresh. This probably sounds very weird, but I swear it’s good!!

The last beauty product I want to talk about is the Good by to dry sheet mask* by HEMA. Again, my skin tends to be dry. Sheet masks are great for hydrating the skin and this one also helps with evening out my skin tone. It makes my skin look and feel great. Moreover, this mask contains hyaluronic acid, which makes the skin hold moisture. I have the feeling that therefore my skin is hydrated for a longer period of time compared to any other sheet masks I have tried.

Other favs

Favourite song: High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco

Favourite tv show: American Crime Store: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Favourite snack: Carrots with lots of hummus

Favourite clothing item/combo: high-waist mom jeans with a black turtle neck and black ankle boots.

Love Life,


*Gifted. However, I have also bought this mask several times by myself.

Book Review: Domina by Lisa S. Hilton


It has been a while. January was a weird and busy month. Trying to have a social life while also working and being in the process of graduating has been hard. I hate that I haven’t been posting on here. But I will try my absolute best to post weekly again after I got a burst of inspiration over the weekend.

This first article after my hiatus (is I guess the best name) is something you are not used to; a book review. I love to read! And I find that it is finally time to incorporate this passion into my blog. I hope you like it! Otherwise there will probably be an article that is beauty related on the blog next week 🙂

So, Domina by Lisa S. Hilton is the second book of a trilogy. But let me summarize the first book briefly (spoilers not included).

It all starts when Judith discovers that the auction house she works at, called British pictures, is selling fake paintings and therefore she is fired. Luckily, she has a job as hostess at a posh nightclub to fall back on. A rich older men, who is a regular customer at the nightclub, asks her to join him on a little getaway in Southern France. However, Judith could not enjoy the getaway for long as the men dies…. Judith flees and finds a way to get her revenge on British pictures.


Domina starts in Venice, where Judith has opened her own art gallery.  Or should I say Elisabeth? As she has taken on a new identity. Nevertheless, she is enjoying the life she always wanted. Until her past catches up with her. Someone knows about the gruesome things that Judith did to get the money she needed to open her art gallery. Judith is being blackmailed, and can only safe herself by retrieving a painting. However, she does not believe that this painting exists. Judith faces an enemy more powerful and more ruthless than she ever imagined.

I personally find that Domina was not as much of a thriller as Maestra (first book). Of course it has certain elements of a thriller, but it does not excite me. I do think that Domina is a nice follow up to Maestra storywise.

However, the Domina reads very different compared to the first book. Judith actually comes across as a different person. In addition, Lisa Hilton adapted her writing style and not in a good way. This makes it incredibly hard to get back into the story a long with actually enjoying it. Maestra shows Judith as an ambitious young women that happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not that much later in the book you discover that she is not as nice as you think and Judith becomes an anti-heroine. While in Domina you learn more about Judith’s past and you start to understand why her thoughts and actions are darker than the person. It gives the character an extra dimension and is one of the few things that I actually enjoy about this story.

Even though, I am kinda curious to read how this story ends in the third book called Ultima, I don’t recommend to read the second book. If I had to score it 1 to 5 stars, I would give it 2 full stars. I enjoyed the storyline, but it is definitely not well written. The difference in writing style is so confusing!

I am currently reading Mythos by Stephen Fry. But will definitely read Ultima later this year. Then I will tell you whether it is worth reading the whole trilogy or if you should only read Maestra!

I hope you liked this article! It was fun, but also very different to write, which made it a bit difficult. If you have any tips or feedback on what you would like to read in a book review, leave a comment below or contact me via Instagram! Or if you have any book tips or requests, please let me know 😀

Love life,


Autumnal Lipsticks

Lipstick, together with eyeshadow, is my favorite make-up product! I don’t wear it everyday, but I do wear it more often during Autumn and Winter. There are a few lip products that I adore this season and I wanted to share them with you 🙂

I love nude lipsticks since they are easy to chuck on and it doesn’t look as weird when it fades compared to bright colored lipsticks. The Mattemoiselle S1ingle by Fenty Beauty (€17,99) is such a gorgeous nude! And since it has a bit of an orange tone I find it perfect for Autumn!

I am also slightly obsessed with the look of glossy lips. Which I know is not always a good combo with lots of hair and wind…. But ugh its so pretty! Therefore, I like to top this lipstick with the 3D Hydragloss (€7,95) in Golden Sparkle by Kiko Milona.

I am also a sucker for metallic lipsticks and this one stole my heart as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Love at first sight does exist! haha This liquid lipstick is part of a lipkit by HEMA (€6,50) and is called Metallic Bronze.

Autumn is also the time of the year I like to wear  mauve/berry shades on my lips. The following (creamy) lipstick by Kiko Milano (€6,95) is super wearable and is called 105 Pinkish Brown.

So this might not be a lipstick, but I always use this lip pencil like one. It is the Satin lip pencil by Nars (€26,50) in Hyde Park. I love this formula as it lasts really well and it feels light weight on the lips. Plus Hyde Park is such a beautiful berry shade!

Of course I had to feature my favorite liquid lipstick formula, the Melted matte by Too Faced (€19,99). This shade is called Lady Balls and to be honest, I find this shade of red perfect for every season!

I have to explain this last lippie. I lovelovelovelove this shade, but I don’t always have the guts to wear it in public. Therefore, I don’t wear this product as much compared to all the other lip products I have mentioned. Nevertheless, I think it deserves a spot in this article.

I’m talking about the MAC retro matte liquid lipstick (€24,50) in Oh, Lady. ❤  And I should stop caring about what other people might think of me and rock this gorgeous lipstick!

Want to make this bold lippie look even cooler? Then top it with the Jouer long-wear lip topper in Skinny dip! The lip toppers are normally €15,- but they are now reduced to €10,50 on Beautybay.com! 

And those were the lip products that I am loving this season! I’ve swatched all of the lippies next to each other to give you a better overview of the colours. However, this picture does not do justice of Oh, Lady topped with the Jouer lip topper in Skinny dip, the selfie above does though!

From left to right: – Oh, Lady topped with Skinny dip – Oh, Lady – Lady Balls – Hyde park – 105 Pinkish Brown – Metallic Bronze – S1ngle topped with Golden Sparkle – S1ngle

Is there a lipstick you really want to wear, but afraid to rock it in public?

Love life,


Beauty Empties: Reviews & Regrets

Hey beautiful people!

My last beauty empties was pretty well received, so I cleaned up my makeup cabinet a bit and collected the products that I emptied out to write another one. And I finally have enough makeup items to talk about!

First things first, primer! And I haven’t emptied out one, nor two, but THREE primers! Lol

I’ll start with my favourite and probably the most obvious one and that is the Hangover Primer by Too Faced. This is my holy grail primer, I seriously can’t do my makeup without it. So yeah I already bought a new one! 😀

I also used up a mini Glowstarter by GlamGlow (review). If you’ve read my review on this you know that I really like how it makes my skin glow, however It doesn’t hydrate my skin, even though that is the promise. I personally would not buy this again, because of this. Plus I prefer the First Light Primer Filter by Becca (review), which gives my skin a gorgeous glow, moisturizes and smells so much better than the Glowstarter.

Finally, I used up the InstaBlur primer by The Body Shop. This is a silicon type of primer and is used to fill the pores and make your skin look smoother. And I do believe that this primer does that. However, it can make my foundation a bit flaky and I’m just not a big fan of these type of primers. Even though, I think this is an okay product, I wouldn’t buy it again.

After primer comes foundation! The Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer is the first high end foundation I ever bought and I finally finished it haha. This foundation looks absolutely gorgeous when my skin is nicely hydrated. It can get rather cakey looking otherwise and sometimes the packaging leaks a bit… However, it lasts pretty good through out the day and it full coverage without feeling heavy! So this makeup product definitely has some good pros and cons. I kinda want to repurchase it, but at the same time I have the feeling that I should buy a foundation that (hopefully!) looks better when my skin is a bit dry. 😦

Then, the Amber Passion eyeshadow palette from Primark… I’m a sucker for eyeshadows, but this formula is terrible (read my review for the details). I’m not gonna buy Primark makeup anytime soon.

The second to last makeup product is the clear eyebrow gel by Chella. I think this is a great product. But I feel like I used this product up in a very short amount of time and since it costs $20 dollars I’m not sure if I would buy it again in the next couple of months. Moreover, at the moment I really want to try out the clear eyebrow gel by Benefit Cosmetics.

And finally, the All Nighter Setting Spray by Urban Decay, in its original packaging. Great product! I definitly recommend it, however I’m currently enjoying the Hangover Primer Primer + Setting Spray by Too Faced. Nevertheless, I might repurchase this setting spray when I run out of the one by Too Faced.


Love Life,


Rimmel London Insta Duo Contour Stick: Review


I love to bronze up my face and hereby kind of contour it as well. However, I have never used an actual contour product for it. So, I thought I should change that. During summer I saw @fitgingereef on Instagram using the Insta Duo Contour Stick by Rimmel London a few times and to me it seemed like an easy way to start doing real contouring. Or is it?


The contour stick costs €9.99, you can get it here and here. Or it is $11.50 at ASOS. In return you get 8 grams of product in total.

So, the packaging feels a bit cheap as it is solely made out of plastic. However, of course since it is a drugstore product I don’t mind that it feels cheap especially because it  just works and I don’t have the feeling that it will break in some sort of way anytime soon. Additionally, I like that you have the highlighter on one side and the contour on the other side.


The duo contour stick is only available in three color combinations and from those I bought the lightest duo, which is called light/clair and it is swatched in the picture above.


For the application of both the highlighter and the contour I prefer to apply it after my foundation, but before I set it with a powder. This is the normal method and with this product it is necessary to follow this makeup rule, because other wise you end up with a very cakey and patchy looking contour.

On a more positive note, the pigmentation of the contour is really nice, while the highlight is more subtle. Moreover, the contour and highlighter just glides on the skin and it’s definitely easy to use. I also like that you can easily blend both products with a brush or sponge, however however when you use a sponge the contour does get a bit lighter. Nevertheless, I personally prefer to use a moist sponge 🙂

On the left you can see a picture of me before using the duo contour stick and on the right a picture after using it. Sadly, here I don’t see a difference.

However, in this before and after I do see a slight difference! My cheeks look a bit more shizzled in the right picture! Also behind the camera I have been able to create a more contoured/shizzeled look by using more of the product, however when I build up the contour it also get’s very patchy and cakey.

And here is more of a close-up so you can see the highlighter.

So, I really like the highlighter. But…. (you felt that one coming?) I have a problem with the contour, because of two reasons. One, you can’t build it up to create a more glam contour. And two, it only looks good for an hour of two, afterwards it also get’s cakey and  patchy…… I do find that when I use setting spray the contour lasts a bit better, and it will look good for around 4-5 hours, which I guess makes it better. However, I don’t feel that way, cause it will still look ugly after a certain amount of time. I don’t mind if this would happen after 8 hours, but that is looks good 4-5 hours IF I use setting spray is too short for me.

I’m not planning to repurchase this product even though it is easy to use. Moreover, I have the feeling that I won’t be reaching for it any time soon unless I want a subtle highlighter.

Which contour do you recommend? I’d love to try it out!

Love Life,


A Personal Update: I’m An Intern & Starting Youtube

Hi, Hello! How are you? It has been a while. And since quite a lot is changing in this new year of college as I’m doing an internship and I haven’t written a personal update, I thought it was time for a quick update!

In the past few weeks I haven’t been up to much. I was kinda ill for a week, prepared for my internship, caught up with some friends and went to Mysteryland for the weekend.

However, I’m also starting a Youtube channel with my sister! Which I think is really cool! We already filmed our first video last week and are now in the midst of editing. But we also need to make a nice avatar and a banner. So, it might take another week or so for the launch. Stay tuned!! We’ll be posting mostly beauty, lifestyle and tag related videos, but probably also some vlogs and cooking videos.


But most exciting is that I started an internship this weekend! And not just any other internship, no! From this week until the beginning of February I’m an intern product manager at the HEMA Beauty unit! Soz for all the exclamation marks, but I am really excited and oh so happy! 😀

Expect to see more HEMA Beauty products here and on my instagram, cause I’m falling in love with more and more HEMA products every day, and it is only day 3. Woops! Get ready for the Maxime and Naomi Youtube channel! Oh, and there are lots of beauty reviews coming up very very soon!

Love Life,


BECCA First Light Primer Filter and Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter: Review

Hey! Recently, I bought my first ever BECCA products in the form of the Wake Up Call Kit, which includes 15 ML of the First Light Primer Filter and 5 ML of the Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter in the shade Moonstone, for just €15,30 (sold out at Douglas at the moment :[ ) or $15. Thought it would be a good deal. But is it actually? Keep reading to find out! 🙂

First I want to focus on the primer. If you would buy the First Light Priming Filter normally you would pay €34,68  or $38 for 30 ML. This is a bit weird as it means that it is more expensive to get 30 ML of just the primer than buying the Wake Up Call Kit twice, which in total is also 30 ML of product and then you would also have the liquid highlighter.

The formula of the primer has a pale purple colour and has a fresh and lemony scent,  which I really like.

The primer promises to give you a hydrated and healthy looking skin, while making your makeup last all day. When you apply the primer it sinks in quickly and makes your skin look very glowy. After applying foundation the glow disappears a bit and instead it makes you skin look really healthy. Additionally, when I use this primer my makeup actually stays beautiful for the rest of the day! However, as you might know my skin can get quite dry and therefore this primer is not hydrating enough for me on some days. When my skin needs a bit of extra moisturizer I like to combine this primer with my all -time favourite primer namely, the Hangover Primer by Too Faced. Other than that, I really really like the First Light Primer by BECCA!!!

Healthy glowy skin ❤

Then there is the Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter in the shade Moonstone. If you would buy 15 ML of this product you would pay €16,32 ( €38,76 for 50 ML) or $41 for 50 ML (for some reason they don’t have a smaller size on the BECCA website).

The shade moonstone can be described as a pale gold. And long story short, I am a fan of pressed powder highlights, nevertheless I adore this product!


The one thing that some people might not like about this product is that once blended in it creates a “glow from within look” as they prefer a more dramatic highlight, which I understand. I love to apply this highlighter on my cupid’s bow and the tip of my nose to finish off my makeup, however for my cheeks I prefer to use a more intense highlight.  Other than that, I love it!

I am really happy with both BECCA Cosmetics products! And now I really want to get one of their pressed powder highlighters! Do you own something by BECCA? If so which product? And what are your thoughts on it?

Love Life,


Trying Out Primark Makeup: The Amber Passion Palette



Two weeks ago I was at Primark and I was browsing through the beauty section. I had never tried Primark makeup before as I didn’t believe that it would be any good, didn’t really trust it plus I hate the fact that they copy other makeup brands. But then I saw the Amber Passion eyeshadow palette and I just fell in love with the shades. So, since the price was only €3.50 and I didn’t recognize the palette from another brand, I decided to try out this product. However, after a little search on Instagram I saw that this palette is very similar to the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette….. 😦 Nevertheless, I thought I should still review it as it might help some of you that are in doubt about whether or not to buy Primark eyeshadow palettes.

The packaging is nice and simple. Don’t really have something bad to say about this, but it would have been nice if the names of the shades would have been under the eyeshadows instead of on the plastic cover that will be thrown away.

The palette has 9 shades from which 5 are shimmery (Champagne, Solar, Aura, Glory and Illusion) and 4 are matte (Sunrise, Burn, Radiate and Edge). I personally find that all the shades look really beautiful when they are in the pan, however I don’t like that three of the matte shades are very alike (Sunrise, Burn and Edge) , they are too similar to me, because when you apply them it’s just almost the same colour and it makes it difficult to create a  nice transition of colours on the eyes. Also, I find that the shimmery shades are too chunky and I just hate how Illusion looks on my eyes as it becomes this weird type of grey, while you would expect a nice dark brown.

Furthermore, the eyeshadows are really pigmented, which is nice. However, because of that it has some kickback and a bit of fall out. I don’t really mind that, but blending out the eyeshadows is actually quite challenging and I just find that really annoying.

Here I used Sunrise, Burn, Edge, Solar, Champagne and Illusion (underneath the eye)

So, I guess that for the price of this eyeshadow palette the quality is great. However, even though I really like the look of this palette I’m not a fan… I got so annoyed while using it once last week that I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it.

Do you have a Primark beauty product that works for you?

Love Life,


Spring Favourites 2018


As you may have noticed, I haven’t really been great at uploading monthly favourites. In fact I did not upload a single one during spring. That’s mainly because there weren’t a lot of products that I was loving. However, it is enough for a seasonal favourites article and I will probably do that in the future as well. Also, instead of the categories “Beauty” and “Other favs” I’m using the categories “Skincare”, “Makeup” and “Lifestyle”. Hope you like it!


There are two skincare products that I’ve kinda been obsessed with and the first one I want to mention are the Deep Cleaning Charcoal Pore Strips by Bioré! Bioré is known for having great products against black heads and other impurities. However, before I bought this I hadn’t tried any of their products and honestly I thought they were probably over hyped.  But these pore strips are soooooo good! They get so much junk out of my skin its amazing haha. It does hurt to get the pore strips off my nose, a bit annoying, but it doesn’t make me love this product any less.

The other skincare product is the Lip Scrub by HEMA in the flavour/ scent Peach (But to me it tastes like a Dutch ice lolly called “Raketje”). I’ve been wanting to buy a lip scrub for a long time, but I find that they are often sold at quit a high price. But then, I came across the one from HEMA, which is only €4 and therefore I had to try it. Not only does it taste amazing, it works really well and it is not messy at all compared to lip scrubs that come in a jar. Love it!


If you read my review on two Fenty Beauty lip products, then you know that I am a big fan of the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in the shade S1ngle. I wore it almost every day during spring and still can’t really get enough of it!


The rest of the makeup products are all by Urban Decay. When I went to England I owned only 1 product by them and when I came home I owned 4 more, from which 3 made it to this article. ( I adore the other products as well, however I haven’t been using them as much as these).


What can I say? The eyeshadows in the Naked Heat and Beached palettes are simply gorgeous and the quality is great!

Also in a previous review you can read that I love the Hi-Fi lip gloss formula so much that I want to get more shades!



I love the style of these sunglasses ❤ I bought these sunnies at a chain in the UK called Accessorize (that also ships to NL) for only £ 12. Sadly, this particular one is not available anymore, but this company has some really nice stuff and you can find the website        >> here <<.

I am a bit of a perfume collector and this the newest scent that I got! English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone is a really nice scent for summer and autumn I’ve been using it since Spring) as it is rather fresh, but it also has some sweetness and warmth from the fruit, floral and wood notes, which I really enjoy! I’ve been using this almost every day ever since I got it!

During spring I’ve watched a lot of TV shows, like really a lot haha. But my absolute favs were La Casa de Papel and Queer Eye! So yeah I definitely recommend these, if you haven’t seen them already 🙂

What have you been loving during spring?

Love Life,


4 things I love about Brighton

Hey! I left Brighton almost a month ago after studying there for four months and even though I haven’t been at home a lot, since I also had a lil vacay in Spain, I have to acknowledge that I miss Brighton. Not because I was kinda living on my own and now I’m living with my family again, no. It’s just that I really enjoyed the city! Why? Keep on reading and you will find out!

Food. If you are a bit of a foodie like me, it is easy to fall in love with the city. Cause there are soooooooooo many restaurants and cute hipster cafes in Brighton! And the ones that I went to all served amazing food. When I came back home my dad asked what the worst thing I had eaten in Brighton was and well I couldn’t answer his question.. Everything was so tasty! I do have some favourite spots though 😀 Namely: Very Italian Pizza (VIP), Burgers & Cocktails and The Flour Pot Bakery.

The Beach. This is actually also one of the reasons why I choose to go to Brighton. I love the see and the salty, fresh air, therefore I have always wanted to live close by a beach. Even though, it is a pebble beach it is a great place to hang out or have a little picnic. I also loved to walk there.

The Pier. If I mention the beach, I also need to mention the pier. I probably spent waaaay too much time here haha. The pier is filled with all sorts of arcade games, games you can find on a fair and some other attractions. You could find me at the arcade games trying to get my hands on a stuffed pug. Sadly, I failed miserably every time… But yeah it is a great spot, and while you are there, try the fresh donuts!! Thank me later 😉

The Vibe. Last, but certainly not least (very original Max) is the overall vibe in the city. Every time I was in town the vibe is so relaxed and upbeat! I think that is partly because (especially in Brighton) everyone expresses themselves quit openly, in the way they dress, how they wear their hair, makeup etc. And they are not really judged by it. Love it!

I will definitely visit Brighton again, but probably not in the near future.

Love Life,