A Personal Update: I’m An Intern & Starting Youtube

Hi, Hello! How are you? It has been a while. And since quite a lot is changing in this new year of college as I’m doing an internship and I haven’t written a personal update, I thought it was time for a quick update! In the past few weeks I haven’t been up to much.Continue reading “A Personal Update: I’m An Intern & Starting Youtube”

4 things I love about Brighton

Hey! I left Brighton almost a month ago after studying there for four months and even though I haven’t been at home a lot, since I also had a lil vacay in Spain, I have to acknowledge that I miss Brighton. Not because I was kinda living on my own and now I’m living withContinue reading “4 things I love about Brighton”

A Weekend in Edinburgh

Hey! I hope that you had a lovely weekend! I have spent mine by enjoying the weather and sadly I also had to work on some school stuff. However, in this article I want to tell you about my previous weekend, as I went to Edinburgh with two friends and would love to share myContinue reading “A Weekend in Edinburgh”

Food Bucketlist Update: Cronuts, Nando’s & Blood Sausage

Hey, I’m back with another food bucketlist update! Besides studying and shopping, I’m also eating a lot during my stay in Brighton haha. So I’ve crossed some things off my “gimme all the food” bucketlist I really want to tell you about! However, I also want to add a few things on this list likeContinue reading “Food Bucketlist Update: Cronuts, Nando’s & Blood Sausage”

Brighton, Here I Come

This weekend I’m finally travelling to the UK. Ever since I was a little girl and got to know about scones and Stonehenge, I really wanted to go on holiday there. But sadly was never able to convince my parents and later my boyfriend that sun was not completely necessary for a summer vacay. IContinue reading “Brighton, Here I Come”

The 100th Article: 25 Random Facts About Me

Hi and welcome to the 100th blog post! In my first article I introduced myself through sharing 25 facts about me and today  I’m telling 25 other random facts about me too celebrate! Hoi en welkom bij mijn 100ste blogpost! In mijn eerste artikel deelde ik 25 feiten over mij als introductie en vandaag deelContinue reading “The 100th Article: 25 Random Facts About Me”

What I Eat In A Day: Semi-Healthy Edition

Hi! I have written down and photographed what I ate yesterday and thought I would share it with you. I love reading articles like this or watching similar videos and I hope you like it as well! Hi! Ik heb wat ik gister allemaal heb gegeten gefotografeerd en opgeschreven en dacht dat het wel leukContinue reading “What I Eat In A Day: Semi-Healthy Edition”

Food Bucketlist Update: Cooking Turkey & Poké at The Avocado Show

Hey! It is already time for another update on my food Bucketlist(s)! And this time I crossed  something from both my Cooking Bucketlist and Eating Bucketlist. However, I have also added that I want to try out a Cronut on my Eating bucketlist! Hey! Het is alweer tijd voor een update van mijn food bucketlist(s)!Continue reading “Food Bucketlist Update: Cooking Turkey & Poké at The Avocado Show”

Food Bucketlist Update: an over the top milkshake 

Hey! Not too long ago I showed you two types of Food Bucketlists in an article. And I already crossed one thing off the ” Gimme All the Food” Bucketlist, which concerns the types of dishes I would love to try and today I tell you what I crossed off, where I had it andContinue reading “Food Bucketlist Update: an over the top milkshake “