Lets talk about being different 

Hi! Today I am going to talk about that being different and liking stuff that others don’t like is okay. Its more than okay actually, it is great. Imagine a world where we would all be the same, that would be so boring and grey the only upside is that maybe there could be peace…Continue reading “Lets talk about being different “

August Favorites 

Hi! A new month has started and soon we will roll into a new season. Even though, I will miss the summer warmth I am very excited about Autumn! The time of pumpkins, falling leaves, sweater weather, where drinking hot chocolate isn’t that crazy, Halloween, cozy stay-inns and I could go on and on aboutContinue reading “August Favorites ”

Picking our own fruit!

Hi! Earlier this week me and my sister Naomi visited a pick your own fruit and veg garden in Amsterdam called “Fruittuin van West” which translates to fruit garden from west. At the entrance we were greeted by a friendly girl who explained which fruits  were ripe enough to be harvested. This included: apples, redContinue reading “Picking our own fruit!”