Trying Out Primark Makeup: The Amber Passion Palette



Two weeks ago I was at Primark and I was browsing through the beauty section. I had never tried Primark makeup before as I didn’t believe that it would be any good, didn’t really trust it plus I hate the fact that they copy other makeup brands. But then I saw the Amber Passion eyeshadow palette and I just fell in love with the shades. So, since the price was only €3.50 and I didn’t recognize the palette from another brand, I decided to try out this product. However, after a little search on Instagram I saw that this palette is very similar to the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette….. 😦 Nevertheless, I thought I should still review it as it might help some of you that are in doubt about whether or not to buy Primark eyeshadow palettes.

The packaging is nice and simple. Don’t really have something bad to say about this, but it would have been nice if the names of the shades would have been under the eyeshadows instead of on the plastic cover that will be thrown away.

The palette has 9 shades from which 5 are shimmery (Champagne, Solar, Aura, Glory and Illusion) and 4 are matte (Sunrise, Burn, Radiate and Edge). I personally find that all the shades look really beautiful when they are in the pan, however I don’t like that three of the matte shades are very alike (Sunrise, Burn and Edge) , they are too similar to me, because when you apply them it’s just almost the same colour and it makes it difficult to create a  nice transition of colours on the eyes. Also, I find that the shimmery shades are too chunky and I just hate how Illusion looks on my eyes as it becomes this weird type of grey, while you would expect a nice dark brown.

Furthermore, the eyeshadows are really pigmented, which is nice. However, because of that it has some kickback and a bit of fall out. I don’t really mind that, but blending out the eyeshadows is actually quite challenging and I just find that really annoying.

Here I used Sunrise, Burn, Edge, Solar, Champagne and Illusion (underneath the eye)

So, I guess that for the price of this eyeshadow palette the quality is great. However, even though I really like the look of this palette I’m not a fan… I got so annoyed while using it once last week that I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it.

Do you have a Primark beauty product that works for you?

Love Life,


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