4 things I love about Brighton

Hey! I left Brighton almost a month ago after studying there for four months and even though I haven’t been at home a lot, since I also had a lil vacay in Spain, I have to acknowledge that I miss Brighton. Not because I was kinda living on my own and now I’m living with my family again, no. It’s just that I really enjoyed the city! Why? Keep on reading and you will find out!

Food. If you are a bit of a foodie like me, it is easy to fall in love with the city. Cause there are soooooooooo many restaurants and cute hipster cafes in Brighton! And the ones that I went to all served amazing food. When I came back home my dad asked what the worst thing I had eaten in Brighton was and well I couldn’t answer his question.. Everything was so tasty! I do have some favourite spots though 😀 Namely: Very Italian Pizza (VIP), Burgers & Cocktails and The Flour Pot Bakery.

The Beach. This is actually also one of the reasons why I choose to go to Brighton. I love the see and the salty, fresh air, therefore I have always wanted to live close by a beach. Even though, it is a pebble beach it is a great place to hang out or have a little picnic. I also loved to walk there.

The Pier. If I mention the beach, I also need to mention the pier. I probably spent waaaay too much time here haha. The pier is filled with all sorts of arcade games, games you can find on a fair and some other attractions. You could find me at the arcade games trying to get my hands on a stuffed pug. Sadly, I failed miserably every time… But yeah it is a great spot, and while you are there, try the fresh donuts!! Thank me later 😉

The Vibe. Last, but certainly not least (very original Max) is the overall vibe in the city. Every time I was in town the vibe is so relaxed and upbeat! I think that is partly because (especially in Brighton) everyone expresses themselves quit openly, in the way they dress, how they wear their hair, makeup etc. And they are not really judged by it. Love it!

I will definitely visit Brighton again, but probably not in the near future.

Love Life,


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