A Weekend in Edinburgh


I hope that you had a lovely weekend! I have spent mine by enjoying the weather and sadly I also had to work on some school stuff. However, in this article I want to tell you about my previous weekend, as I went to Edinburgh with two friends and would love to share my experience with you!

Friday the 13th of April 

The day started early…very early… Our airplane left at 7:15 in the morning, which meant leaving the house at 4:00 and therefore, getting up around 3:00.  After a soy cappuccino at Pret a Manger it was time to board the plain and head off to Edinburgh, Scotland. We arrived in Edinburgh around 8:40 in the morning and after a short bus ride we found ourselves standing in the middle of the city center from which it was a two minute walk to the hostel were we would be staying. We dropped off our luggage and then we went to The Elephant House for brunch.

So, The Elephant House claims to be the birthplace of Harry Potter, which it isn’t. However, J. K. Rowling did work on some books at this cafe. Sadly, I can’t recommend going to The Elephant House as the service isn’t that great and the food isn’t either…..

When it looks better than it tastes….

Such a disappointment! Nevertheless, afterwards we visited Edinburgh castle, which was quite interesting and the few Game of Thrones references that you can kinda find definitely cheered me up.

Of course after our stroll at the castle in foggy and cold weather, it was time for a cup of tea. We had a cup of tea with something sweet on the side ( I went for an amazing Hazelnut & Cinnamon Shortbread) at Deacons House Cafe, which looked very nice on the outside and rather cute on the inside. Definitely recommend going here, if you want a simple sweet snack and some tea!

After the Afternoon tea we checked out the room where we would be staying, relaxed a bit and before we went to have dinner, we had a massive walk through the city. For dinner we went to Mums Great Comfort Food, where you will be welcomed by nice and funny staff. The interior is fairly 70’s and the menu probably hasn’t changed since then either. I went for a puff pastry fish pie and even though I didn’t really had place for dessert, a raspberry and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. I liked the vibe of the restaurant, but I loved the food even more!

Saturday the 14th of April 

After the insanely long Friday we had a bit of a lie in on Saturday. For breakfast we went to a cafe across the street called The Wall, and as a major GoT nerd I just had to go. I went for an Americano and a Feta and Tomato toastie, which was a bit overpriced but quite tasty! And a hipster cafe with delish coffee was just what I needed.

With caffeine running through my vines, we walked to the Scottish parliament. We thought we should do something educational. The parliament was somewhat interesting, but sadly there wasn’t much to see if you didn’t go for a tour. Nevertheless, in front of the parliament there is a little square from which you can see the highlands and a little mountain called Arthur’s Seat. Absolutely gorgeous ❤

Moreover, on the other side of the square lies Holyrood Palace, the summer residence of the queen. We didn’t knew this at first, but we decided to visit the castle. This castle is way more authentic than Edinburgh castle and you can see how previous kings and queens lived here. Long story short, I really enjoyed wandering through this castle, while listening to an audio guide.

Behind the castle there is also a ruin of a chapel

It was well past noon when we left the palace and therefore it was time for lunch! We sat down at No. 1 High Street, a traditional Scottish pub. I went for a Clansman burger, which contains a beef patty, bacon, cheese, tomato and lettuce, with some chips/fries.  Delicious!

The rest of the afternoon we spent strolling through New Town, a part of the city that is great for shopping and of course we did that as well haha

We ended the day at probably my favorite restaurant chain, Wagamama ❤ (Yes, that is a G&T in the background)

Sunday the 15th of April 

Sadly it was our last day in Edinburgh and we had to check out relatively early, so we were not able to sleep in. However, at the Edinburgh Press Club Cafe they have a great almond milk cappuccino, which immediately made me feel better. Combined with some smashed avocado toast, you would think that a day couldn’t start much better, but nevertheless I was a bit cranky that morning.

After breakfast we walked to the Royal Botanical Garden, which was a bit of a let down… It is a great place to play Pokemon Go though haha

One of the very few beautiful spots of the garden

We did some more walking, and walking and a bit more walking until we stopped at The Pantry, which I would describe as a hipster restaurant. There was a bit of a queue, so we had to wait for a table for 40 minutes but when my poached eggs on toast, with butternut squash, courgette, guacamole and pickled peppers arrived, it was definitely worth the wait! It was sooooooooooo tasty! And after this lunch I was finally feeling myself again as I wasn’t cranky anymore 😀

After the lunch we went for a Harry Potter tour, which was rather interesting and pretty cool! Thereafter, I finally tried out a fried Mars bar!! (I will tell you more about it in the next food bucketlist update) This was then followed by a tea at Starbucks and then it was already time to pick up our luggage from the hostel and start our journey back to Brighton.

Definite had some hits and misses during the weekend, but nevertheless I really enjoyed Edinburgh and sooo recommend you to go as it is a super gorgeous city. I hope you found this article interesting and useful!

Love Life,


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