Diary Week 15 of 2017: From the Efteling to Changing My Hair and Celebrating Easter!


It’s been a while, I know and I’m super sorry for that! However, my life just isn’t that exciting. Not that I’m not happy with my life, I’m absolutely satisfied about how my life is going so far! The problem is that I’m a full time student, I have a weekend job and I also like to spent some time with my boyfriend and my family. So, long story short, I don’t have a lot of time to do fun stuff. Last week, however, I did and therefore I’m sharing it with you today!


In the morning I had my last test of block 3, for this year! Meaning that I didn’t had classes the rest of the week, yes for a mini break<3 The test went really well, and to treat myself I made a fancy bath using the Sex Bomb bath bomb by Lush, as soon as I got home!
The rest of the day I spent relaxing and watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.  At night me and le boyfriend decided to watch the new Star Wars, but I fell asleep within half an hour, so that was great haha


I had to get up early, since I was going to the Efteling, a fairy tale themed amusement park, with some friends. Even though, I kind of a whose and terrified for heights and roller-coasters breaking down, I had a great time! Definitely a recommendation if you ever go to the Netherlands.
We where at the Efteling for the whole day, but luckily I was just in time home to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


In the morning I worked on the blog until noon. Cause at that time I had an oppointment at the hair dresses to re-do my balayage, however this time I was going for a more cooler toned blonde, as I thought that would be fun for spring and summer. So, I was at the hair dresser for almost the whole afternoon, here is the result:


Not the best pictures, but I absolutely love the result. I swear I look better in real life hahaha
The rest of day I worked on the blog and of course watched some more tv shows.

Thursday – Saturday

From Thursday to Saturday I worked… So, I don’t have to say something about that.


We started off Easter with a nice brunch! I ate so much food ❤ Afterwards me and my sister made brownies since we were responsible of the dessert that night.  At 14:00 we went to my family, where we celebrated Easter the Greek way, meaning that we roasted a whole lamb!

So, that is what we had for dinner. It was delicious!! And the brownie also turned out great! which was btw accompanied by vanilla ice cream and fresh berries. It was such a lovely day of stuffing my mouth and talking with family ❤

On Monday I celebrated Easter with the family with my boyfriend which was also very nice. Now I’m back at school, and ready for the last block of this college year! Most of all cause I’m super excited for the summer holiday haha. Since, I’m always busy. I’m going to try to do a personal update every month as I don’t think that the “weekly” diaries are working out right now. I hope that you had a great Easter and I wish you a lovely week!

Love Life,

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