The Fresher Skin Foundation by Rimmel London: Review

I’ve been searching for a good drugstore foundation for a while. As young teenager I really liked the Stay Matte foundation from Rimmel London until I realized how cakey  it looked on my skin two years ago. A matte foundation isn’t really a good idea when you have normal to dry skin. Ever since I’ve been using a the Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer by Cliniqu, which is pretty good but not for traveling since the packaging leaks… The Fresher Skin Foundation has been popping up on social media a few months now, so I thought it was time to try it out!
The Fresher Skin Foundation costs €13.49 in a Dutch drugstore. However, there are lots of discounts in drugstores, and therefore I was able to get one for €6.99. Which is very cheap for 25 ml in my opinion.
The texture of the foundation is difficult to describe, it is kind of between a gel and a mousse like texture and therefore it has a thick consistency. The foundation has a light fresh scent, which I really like! Now let’s look at a before and after.





As you may have noticed I do have some more makeup on beside the foundation haha However, I didn’t use any bronzer and blush to show the effect of the product more clearly. Also, the different in color isn’t caused by the foundation, but by the change of light. I used the foundation in the color Ivory 100 and it fits me perfectly! Moreover, the coverage of the foundation can be described as light to medium as it doesn’t cover pimples and discoloration that well, but it is build-able to a medium coverage.

The foundation is easily soaked up by a beauty blender or any other sponge like application method. On the other hand a firm foundation brush works really well with this product! The brush that I have can make the product look streaky on my face, when that happens I go over it with a beauty blender and that works wonders!

Moreover, the packaging of the product promises a natural and breathable finish and I completely agree with that! It looks very natural and gorgeous, and you don’t feel like you are wearing foundation! Plus the foundation lasts a good amount of time, definitely from 8 am until 9 pm.

Do I recommend this foundation? Yes!
Is it my new holy grail? I don’t really know yet. I prefer to apply my foundation with a sponge, so i’m not that comfortable with using a brush, but that will probably just be a matter of time. When I get used to applying my foundation with a brush more, maybe.

Love Life,


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