Diary Week 9 of 2017: from oversleeping to picking up my guitar again and a bit of shopping!


Its been two weeks since the last “weekly” diary. Way to long of course, but nothing special happened. I went to school and worked, that’s about it. This week has been a bit more exciting. At least I hope it is for you!


Before I had to go to college in the afternoon I worked on two summaries and took some pictures for the blog. At college I discovered that I have a lot of things to do in the next few weeks, a few papers, presentations and a German test. So I got a bit stressed…..

Later that day le boyfriend was able to calm me down a bit by watching some tv show, because that is how you cope with lots of college work haha


I didn’t had class, but I decided to get up early as I wanted to have a productive day before I went to my Greek family for a nice dinner! After some serious college stuff I decided it was time to work on the blog. I started with testing out a new foundation for a review article that will be published soon! And I also took some pictures and wrote a bit.

Late in the afternoon I went to my family and there I ate lots of Greek food! I wish I took pictures of it, because it was sooooo good and I wanted to share it with you. Life took over and made me forget it… I had a great time with the fam❤️


I didn’t had classes in the morning, so I decided to play with my makeup and ended up loving it! It’s quit an everyday look and I’m thinking of writing an article about. If you would like to read how I achieved this makeup look please let me know!

Afterwards I worked on some other articles and started with preparing myself for a presentation that I had on Friday.

My last class ended at 5 pm and me and some fellow students decided to order some pizza and work on our presentation. We ordered pizza from this place called Pizza Heart, and I had a four cheese pizza topped with tomatoes, parma ham and rocket leaves ❤ It was delicious! We finished everything we had to do and at 10 pm it was time to head home.


I again didn’t had any classes that day, but nevertheless I worked on some college stuff. In the afternoon I met up with my friend N in Amsterdam, as we planned on going to a hipster restaurant called Mook Pancakes. You may guessed it already, but we ate some (healthy) pancakes there! I had the Vegalicious, which had grilled peppers, half an avocado, hummus and some olive oil. It was sooooo good! I can’t wait to go back and try one of their sweet pancakes.

After the amazing lunch N and I walked back to Central Station and in the meantime we visited a few shops. I bought a black top with tiny white flowers on it. It was a great afternoon! ❤

Before bae came over for more of The 100! I decided to play some guitar, which I haven’t properly done in over a year. A fellow student/friend has been pushing me to play guitar again, so I thought I should try it. It was a bit sad to notice that I didn’t knew a lot of notes and chords again, but after some practicing it went pretty okay.


On Friday I overslept… I woke up at the time I should have taken the bus.. So my morning didn’t start that great as I couldn’t have my normal routine. After a lot of hurry and some stress I was able to take the next bus and was only ten minutes late for my German class. Afterwards me and some other students had our presentation for the class European Law and it went pretty good!

​As a reward for getting through school without my cup of coffee in the morning I treated myself for a Starbucks cappuccino while I was waiting for the bus.

I was home for a little while before I went to bae. There we decided to go to McDonald’s for dinner with his sister, because why not? haha Afterwards we went into town, since le boyfriend needed to get a phone charger for in his car. At a near makeup and perfume store I (finally) tried out the Boss the Scent for Her and I really really like it!! My boyfriend has the male version, so I’ve been wanting to try this perfume ever since it came out!The scent is very fresh and therefore I think that it will be perfect for summer 🙂

When I got home again I played some more guitar, because I would love to get into playing it again!




Me and le boyfriend spend a big part of the day binge watching The 100. But in the afternoon I headed home as I needed to study, which didn’t go so well as I didn’t had a lot of motivation. After a while I gave up and watched some more Netflix. Oh and in the evening I finally ordered the Too Face Sweet Peach Palette!!!!!

And that was my week. I had lot’s of fun with family and friends! Lots of food was eaten and I should probably think more about my health in this new week. haha I can’t wait till I receive my new eye shadow palette!

Love Life,


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