Diary Week 5 of 2017: Aching Abs, First Ever Wagamama and more!

Last week I didn’t have any classes, so I had a little holiday! Which I spent mostly relaxing and doing some fun stuff. Beside killing my abs at the gym, I went to an escape room, ate delicious food (as always) and if you want to know more, keep reading!


After a slow start, I went to the gym for the first time in 2017. (Shame) I wanted to go waaaaay sooner but I just didn’t had the time or motivation…. At the gym I trained my abs for about 15 minutes, which was followed by 45 minutes of cardio.
When I got home a took a nice, long bath. I didn’t feel like doing anything and since I didn’t had any classes that week, I decided to watch Netflix the whole afternoon. Crazy enough, I felt like cleaning and organizing my room in the evening! I ended up doing it for about three hours.


At the gym!


In the morning I finished organizing and cleaning my room! I’m pretty happy with it, however I do want to buy a small closet at IKEA so that I can store my beauty products a bit better! Because at the moment it’s a bit in the way…


I spent the afternoon playing games and of course in the evening it was time for another episode of Grey’s Anatomy!


I went to Amsterdam to meet with some of my college friends. We were going to play some games, however last minute we decided to do an escape room! Neither of us ever did one, so we were all very curious about it! Sadly, we didn’t got out of the room on time. But with just 5 minutes over time we were able to get of the room! It was so much fun and we definitely want to try another escape room at the same firm soon! BTW we did the room “down the rabbit hole”.


This is the company where we went to!
After the escape room it was time for lunch. We ended up at Wagamama, a chain that I’ve been dying to try! They basically serve all kinds of Asian food, mostly Japanese. I went for a mango, pineapple juice and the veggie Katsu Curry, it was soooooo good!!!
The rest of the day wasn’t that special, but I did saw le boyfriend in the evening ❤


I kicked off the day with a nice long walk with my mom and of course our doggy, which is  kind of a trend in these diaries haha I just love going to a forest to go for a stroll when I don’t have to go to school.


Chill day = easy makeup looks
After the walk we went to a market near the town I live. There we bought some fresh baked cookies for later that day and in the shops we got some small presents for my dad. The rest of the day I spent relaxing. Also my abs, finally didn’t hurt that much haha


It was my dad’s birthday, so according to our traditions that means a big birthday breakfast for the whole fam! However, my little brother needed to go to school at 8:15 so the breakkie was a bit earlier than normal. I needed to get up at 6:00 in the morning to prepare it.. Me, my little sister and mom made an amazing breakfast!


Poached egg
In the afternoon I worked until 18:15. Afterwards I needed to pickup bae, change clothes and then meet my family at a chinese restaurant called Mandarin in Nieuwkoop. There we celebrated my dad’s birthday a bit more with Dim Sum. So tasty!


As usual i had to work the whole day. At night I went out for Chinese again, but this time with Jordy’s family and  we went to a different restaurant where they had a buffet. The food was okay, but the food of the night before was waaay better. Nevertheless, I had a nice evening.


After a sleep in, me and bae watched some Netflix. In the afternoon we decided to play a board game with his paents, in dutch the game is called ” Kolonisten van Catan”. I won 😀

After the game I decided to go home in order to prepare myself for the exchange ranking that starts this week. I’m so nervous and stressed out, because of it! So, I really needed some time for myself.

That sums up my week! I wish I had another week off, but I’m also excited about the new courses I have at college this period. I hope you had a wonderful week as well!

Love Life,


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