My Ultimate Pamper Routine

I love pampering myself and therefore I do it almost every week! For me a pamper night, is the best way to have some ME TIME! In today’s blogpost I’m going to tell you how my perfect pamper routine looks like 😀

​So, if you are interested keep reading!

1. Get rid of that makeup

As I mentioned earlier I like to pamper myself at the end of the day/night. So, the first thing I do is removing my makeup. I like to remove my makeup with the Micellair Water 3 in 1 by L’Oréal Paris. Afterwards I properly clean my face using the Movis soap by Lush. Not the sexiest looking soap, but its exfoilates amazingly.

2. Take a bath

While cleaning my face I will also prepare a bath. I love taking a bath, so it has to be included in a pamper night. To spoil myself a bit more I’ll add a bath bomb or a bubble bar, probably by Lush. At the moment my favorite one is the bubble bar The Comforter. Leaving your bath looking pink with a soft sweet/floral scent ❤

In the bath I will also do stuff like scrubbing and washing my body. You probably wanted to know that haha


This is my last piece 😦

3. Mask Up

After the relaxing bath, its time to take a bit more care of my body. I start of by moisturizing my body, except my face. I tend to switch a lot between my body moisturizers, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the moisturizer that came with the perfume, Quatre by Boucheron. Then it is time for a face mask and as you may have noticed I currently love the Himalayan Charcoal mask by The Body Shop. When the mask dries, I will watch something on Netflix or read a book.

After removing the mask from my face I’ll moisturize my face. Then I’ll continue with watching Netflix or reading a book until I get tired enough to go to sleep. However, sometimes I also like to paint my nails.

And that sums up my ultimate pamper night! It isn’t that extreme, but I find it super relaxing. This type of night always clear my mind and calm my nerves!!!
What do you like to do during a pamper session?

Love Life,


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