Diary Week 1 of 2017: TV shows, work, procrastination and more!


The night before I decided that I wanted to wake up early on Monday in order to have a productive day of working on some stuff. So the alarm clock went of at 8 AM. After hitting the snooze button two times I thought it was time to get out of bed. I made a small breakfast, drank some coffee, scrolled my way through my social media and then I really had to do something useful. So I did, sort of…. I improved an essay and wrote the introduction for it. It wasn’t a lot of work but I found it enough work at that moment so I went on a walk with my mom and my doggie❤️ It was only 2 degrees outside, but the sun was brightly shining and therefore it didn’t feel as cold as I expected it to be. The weather was simply perfect for a nice walk!
Afterwards my mom needed to get some pillows at the HEMA, a store that sales almost everything in the Netherlands. And I bought a new phonecase, which kinda proves my previous statement haha.
When we arrived home it was time for lunch 😀 Instead of getting back to work I decided to get rid of some blackheads and plug my eyebrows. #auw
The rest of the afternoon I spent studying for two tests. But there was also some study breaks that involved taking a bath, applying a face mask, reading and/or watching Modern Family. In the evening Jordy (boyfriend) came over. We started a new series called Travelers and it’s pretty good! When he went back home I worked on the blog and afterwards I read until I went to sleep.


From 8 in the morning until 18:45 I worked at my part-time job. During the day I developed the urge of eating McDonalds. I never had this feeling before haha. But bae was so nice to take me to a McDonalds after work
It was so gooooood! The rest of the day I didn’t really do anything. But I did watch Grey’s Anatomy again and it was great!!!


I didn’t need to go to work, but again I decided to wake up early. For a class at college I needed to film a job application video. So, after breakfast and putting on some makeup I filmed it. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, as I hate being the center of attention. But I did it…

Afterwards I worked some more on other school stuff. A bit too soon I gave up and relaxed for the rest of the day by watching Finding Dory and Modern Family.


Before working on some things for school I started off the day by doing a workout of Blogilates on YouTube. I haven’t done one in aaaaaages! Which, sadly, was very noticeable during the workout haha

In the afternoon I went into town in order to get a present for the sister of my boyfriend. But I also got myself a new face mask and a little mask brush!


If you want a review on one of these products, let me know in the comment section below or via social media!
When I got home I took a relaxing bath❤️ During the bath I got a lot of inspiration for future blogposts! So, after the bath I got straight into it and worked on some new posts until Bae came over 😀
We spent the night watching the serie Travelers and searching for a holiday destination during summer. We where thinking about going to Thailand and we found an amazing hotel! But then we discovered that there is a rain season during the summer in the northern hemisphere. 😦


In the morning I struggled with practising for my Corporate Finance test. I’m good at book keeing, but not good at math… And I need to work with a few mathematical formulas and it’s not really working out for me, to put it nicely. *sigh*

After my lunch, a grilled cheese sandwich, I headed to my job where I worked until six in the evening. Then I went to my boyfriend’s house to celebrate the birthday of his sister. Which we did till late in the evening.


I woke up to world of snow, well that is a bit of an exaggeration. But it did snow! Sadly, I had to go to work and therefor I didn’t had the time to play in the snow.
After a hard day of work I had to get some drinks as bae and I where going to some friends for a poker night. Before that me and my boyfriend went to my house, where we ate pizza 😀 We watched another episode of travelers and before we knew it, it was time to see those friends again.

It was a great night with a maybe a shot too much (we did a drinking game), but it made the food taste even better haha. Can’t wait to have another night like this soon!!!


At 4 in the middle of the night we arrived back at my place, and therefore we slept until late in the morning. We didn’t had a hangover, but we did took it easy until my family came over to celebrate the birthday of my little brother, however his actual birthday is the day I published this post.

Even though I had seen my family last week, it was great to talk to them again. And now that the elections are pretty close it led to interesting topics. Moreover, the food was amazing we started off with little piece of cake, then I made a massive cheese plate and since everyone stayed for dinner my dad made chicken club sandwiches with fries!!!! I was a vey happy women haha

In the evening I went to bed waaaaay too late, as I was watching The Client List. OEPS. Check it out if you like a little bit of drama!

So, yeah that was my week. Not super exciting, but I want to make these diaries an actual weekly thing. I also really need to take more pictures! How was your first week of 2017?

Love Life,


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