StyleTone Unboxing: December 2016


I received another StyleTone box and I was really looking forward to this one, because I expected a lot of Christmas/new years makeup!!!! I was right, however do I like the products? Read more, to find out.

Products I received:
– Lipstick in the color 96 by the brand Lookx, worth €15,75
– Highlight Trio by City Color, worth €5,49
– Lipbalm set by Beauty made easy, worth €8,90
– Cosmetic Glitter in the color spectra, worth €12,99
– Small oval brush by StyleTone itself, worth €9,95

That is a total worth €53,08

First thoughts on the products

I was super excited about this lipstick when I opened the box, because I absolutely love red lippies! But when I applied it the first time, I wasn’t that happy. Since, the lipstick tasted/smelled weird…..and not a good type of weird. The color looks fine, it’s a bright red with a hint of orange. Normally, I don’t really like an orangy color on my lips, but after I got used to it I really liked it! The lipstick lasted a decent amount of time. However, it did transfer a little bit and it was also kinda drying. Overall, I think this lipstick is okay, but I would not buy another color of the lipsticks from Lookx. There are so many other lipsticks that I prefer over this one.
In the past few weeks I got obsessed with highlights, so again I was VERY excited about trying out some new ones! The product is insanely pigmented and I kinda need to get used to the product as the colour of the highlight is visible on my face, which is a bit wierd if you are used to a subtle glow. I guess I need to play with it a little bit more. Plus, I think it would be a bit prettier if I had a tan. Nevertheless, I really like the formula. And these swatches are to die for!
The lip balm set contains two types of lip balms. The orange one is called Sweet Flame and has  a vanilla scent/flavour. The pink one is called Sugar Shock and it serves it name right, it is a very sugary scent/flavour. I don’t really like Sugar Shock, it is simply too sweet for me. Therefore, I gave that one to my little sister, who is a big fan of everything sweet. But I really like Sweet Flame! The formula of the balms is pretty good. There is finally a lip balm that I don’t have to apply at least every hour!! It is a bit sticky, but I don’t mind it because it hydrates my lips very well. Pretty stoked ❤
To be honest I haven’t tried the cosmetic glitter yet, but I think that I a going to be a fan! The glitters have a silver colour, however they reflect other colours. Kind of like a discobol!!! I have the feeling that you need a creamy base or body glue to help the glitters stay in place. I can’t wait to try them out. I’m thinking of uploading a glittery smokey eye look before new year and then I will use this beauty. So, keep an eye out for that!


I also have not tried out the brush I received. I’ve wanted to try out these types of brushes for a while now. But the size of this one is a bit awkward. StyleTone recommends to use it for your eyeshadow. However, if I would use it for that, the brush would cover my whole eyelid. So, how should I do that? Should I us it to blend or apply eyeshadow???? I don’t know… Maybe it can be useful for concealer of counturing. I will keep you updated.

Additionallyy, I don’t really like the fact that StyleTone developed this brush. Of course for the brand itself it is very cool. However, I took this subscription to receive products from other brands. So, this is a bit weird to me. Sorry, if I come across as neggy, if it is a great brush I will stop haha. I guess I have to try it out soon.

Overall, this box was okay. It didn’t really contain products that I’m used to. I need to play a bit more with some of the products to find out if I actually like it. If you have any tips for the highlighters and the brush, don’t hesitate to let me know!! I would love to read your advise in the comment section.

Love life,


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