Weekly diary #5: 3 year anniversary, pop-up restaurant experience, Christmas decorations and more!

Yes, I’m back with a weekly diary! I had a pause of two weeks since they where as exciting or I didn’t feel like blogging about it. This week was soooo busy at first and I don’t know how I managed to have time to write this blogpost. But let’s get into it!


Another weekly diary, another important test. Seems to look like a regular thing 😦 NOT NICE
So, early in the morning I had my test. And I was acctually pretty relaxed during the exam. Which is very rare! Plus it went pretty good! After the test I decided to work a little bit on another class I’m following and then I went to the class Corporate Finance (which is the class I had an exam for that morning). The teacher showed us the answers of the test and I really did pretty good! I definitely passed that test 😀

After the class I was soooo tired! So, instead of doing something useful at home, like decorating the Christmas tree, I decided to catch up on some Netflix. Later in the afternoon I received my grade for the extra course that I followed concerning the European Union and I passed it with a 9!!!! 😀 So, that was freaking awesome!

In the evening Le Boyfriend came over and we watched some more Netflix together. Perfect night, if you ask me haha


I didn’t feel like going all out with my makeup on Tuesday, so I decided to go for a very simple look.

Instead of contacts I put on my glasses for a day, because I really felt like it. Then I transformed myself into Barb from Stranger Things by putting on this a la 70’s jumper. ( I don’t really look like Barn, but o well. She was kind of my inspiration)

I went to college pretty early, since I needed to meet up with someone to work on our observational research papa. Super interesting, I know… In the afternoon I had a small SAP test, which I didn’t really prepare for. It went okay, I guess/I hope haha.

Then it was time to go to Bae, however I couldn’t go with a car so I had to go by bus. Which was a journey of an hour… but he is worth it ❤


On Wednesday I went to college in the morning for a German class and afterwards I studied at home for the German test the next day. And then at 17:30 it was time to go go Amsterdam, again! I met with a friend in the pop-up restaurant from the Dutch food blogger “Gewoon wat een studentje ‘s avonds eet”, which we both love!!!! I was so excited to meet her! And I did!

I was such a fangirl haha But it was amazing! And we talked about all kinds of stuff with her! So, as you can imagine I had a great night. The food at the restaurant was super tasty and simple. As entree we had a small grilled cheese, since the food blogger (called Leonie) is famous for her grilled cheese combinations! Than I had a roll with fish fingers with fries and as dessert cookie dough ice cream❤️


I only had the German test that day, but sadly afterwards I still needed to work on two essays. However, I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to be done with both essays before 3 o’clock in the afternoon! Of course, there is always something that I can do for college…. But I did’t have any urgeent deadlines, so I decided to take the afternoon off! Which ment catching up with youtubers and Netflix with Bae haha


College was boring, so I won’t tell about it. However, I did had an 8 the small SAP test on Tuesday! I didn’t saw le boyfriend as he was going out with friends and I didn’t had important work for college, so I decided to finally decorate the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas songs!!!
Fun fact, that day I also made the fish fingers on a roll for my family and they loved it as much as I did! Super easy and super tasty❤️


From 8 till 17 I worked my butt off at my part time job. I got picked up by my family and then we immediately went to a birthday party from another family member. I changed my clothes and makeup in the car, which wasn’t as easy as I thought…. haha

The party was great! I even saw some family members who just moved back to the Netherlands after 15 years! After the party my family dropped me off at Le boyfriend 🙂


Bae and I are officially 3 years together and I am so happy about it! Even though it also feels like a any other day. I was planning on doing something fun, but when I woke up I only wanted to cuddle and stay in bed and that is exatly what we did. Until we both got the urge to do something useful haha

For me that was blogging and for him it was working on a school project. Sadly, I didn’t had my laptop with me so he brought me home . Why are guys so hot when they drive????? Can someone please exlain this to me?  The rest of the day I spent blogging and watching christmas movies!

The beginning of the week was so busy, but it turned out to be AMAZING. I still can’t believe that all of the tests went okay and that I managed to finish the essays in one day!!! How was your week?

Love life,


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