The Power of Makeup

Hi lovelies!

Do you remember the Power of Makeup “challenge” that Nikkietutorials started a few years ago? I know, I’m a bit late but I wanted to talk about what makeup means to me and I thought it would be awesome to glam up one part of my face. I always thought that makeup didn’t make a big difference, but o my was I wrong. Keep reading to see my power of makeup!

I love the way makeup makes me look, however DISCLAIMER: I am also very happy with the way I look without it. I do not hide behind cosmetics, I can easily go out without glamming up. Real beauty comes from within!❤️

The reason why I use makeup is really simple. I LIKE IT! I think it’s a nice way to express yourself and to be creative. If something goes wrong like a winged eyeliner 🙃 it can be removed and you can start all over again. Even though, I love it to pieces I think it’s important to give your skin some rest from cosmetics since it isn’t that healthy. Therefore, I go at least a day without makeup a week.

But it let’s talk about the power of makeup “challenge”. I loved how Nikkitutorials talked about that you shouldn’t let people who make you feel ashamed about wearing makeup bring you down. I completely agree! I also think that cosmetics make you feel empowered. For me a red lip does the trick, I feel like a Charlie’s angel when I apply it! What type of makeup makes you feel empowered?

​ However, even though I like the way it makes me look I’ve never had the feeling that makeup made a big difference for me, maybe a bit more polished but that’s it… So, I was SHOCKED after seeing the picture below! (I’m pretty good at makeup after all haha) I encourage everyone to try this out, because it gives you a whole new view on makeup in general but also on your makeup skills!


​Love Life,


Products used:

  • Hangover primer,  by Too Faced
  • Beyond perfecting foundation & concealer in 2 alabaster, by Clinique
  • True match super-blendable foundation in Rose Ivory, by L’oreal Paris
  • Perfectly real compact in shade 106, by Clinique
  • Color Tattoo 24 hour in 35-On and on bronze, by Maybelline New York
  • Nude look, by Valentina
  • Sweethearts bronzer in Sweet Tea, by Too Faced
  • Blush in cameo, by Hikari Cosmetics
  • Mascara Eyerule number 4, by Ace of Face
  • Creme gel liner in Mr. Bing, by Colourpop
  • Satin lip pencil in Hyde Park, by Nars
  • Lippie stix in Bichette, by Colourpop

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