3 Ways to Relax

Officially, I’m on a autumn break this week from college but it certainly does not earn that name.  In a few weeks I have to take some exams, so I’m studying my ass of this week while also writing two essays…oh yeah and I also need to go to work. I used to get super stressed when I was facing exams. And to be honest I still do sometimes, but now I know how to deal with it instead of overstressing and end up crying…
I discovered some ways that help me to relax and clear my mind. Hopefully, they work for you too!

1. Tea Time

Drinking tea feels like a warm hug, it is just as comforting! However, the most relaxed way to drink tea in my opinion is while flicking through a cookbook or a promotional booklet. Because well I LOVE food and I also enjoy looking at clothes. Even though, it could never beat the yearly IKEA booklet.. I have the feeling that these things get my imagination running and gives me some new inspo! And of course it helps me to destress.


Please, don’t mind the dirty table….


You where probably wondering if I have a favorite mug. Well I do and its this one which I received ten years ago during a Lilo & Stitch phase. I’m amazed that it isn’t shattered

2. Take a bath

Nothing is better than a hot (bubble) bath after or during a stressful day. Idk why it’s relaxing but a bath works wonders for me. Maybe because a bath is serious YOU-TIME, which is so important in my opinion! There are no distractions like television or a phone, at least I hope so haha. Just your thoughts, which can sound horrible… However, I think that true relaxation happens when you let your worries go, you need to clear up your mind and create happy thoughts.
I like to make my bath extra fancy by adding a bath bomb or lavender bath oil ❤

3. Go for a walk

Strolling is such a good way to destress for me. Something about breathing in fresh air while walking at a forest or beach clears up my mind so easily! Moreover, it gives me a lot of energy to go on hustling.

Those where the three ways to relax for now! Since college is pretty stressful, I am thinking of making a series of blogpost considering distressing. I don’t know how I pulled it off to post two times this week haha. But I did and I hope you enjoyed it as much as me!

Love life,


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