Lets talk about being different 


Today I am going to talk about that being different and liking stuff that others don’t like is okay. Its more than okay actually, it is great. Imagine a world where we would all be the same, that would be so boring and grey the only upside is that maybe there could be peace…

Do not see this as a rant I just want to share my opinion and if you want we can have a little chat. You are probably wondering why I want to talk about this, well keep reading.

Yesterday I went to a concert to see a band perform for the third time. When I was 13 I got obsessed with them and honestly I still like to listen to their music six years later. They are hated on, but also loved by many people. And sadly I often run into people that do not like them or aren’t fan of bands for that matter, because of that I got a shamed for my taste in music. However, I do like almost any type of music but I always return to rock. So you probably want to know which band… it is Nickelback(!) And it was amazing (see pictures below).

Back to the story and little motivational speech. I started to call Nickelback my “guilty pleasure”, which is stupid. Why would you need to  feel guilty for liking music, clothes, food etc. that is not mainstream. Don’t let others keep you down, do what you want to do and do not care about what the rest of society does. Everyone is different and therefore there shouldn’t be a reason to feel ashamed of being yourself or the stuff you are interested in. The concert made me realise multiple things: 1. Nickelback is still amazing 2.  I shouldn’t be ashamed about enjoying music or anything else that others do not enjoy 3. there are always people who do enjoy the same things as you  and 4. F everyone that makes fun of you.

You are unique and should be proud about the little quirks that make you special. Want to have a little chat about how awesome differences are? Comment below, I would love to talk to you! And remember, you are amazing and have the right to like things that aren’t regularly a trending topic. #beingdifferentisnormal

Love life,


We also made some selfies, but the lighting was horrible so I won’t scare the crap out of you. Honestly, my mom and little sis do look good on the picture and I didn’t… so yeah you just need to believe that I was there. xxx

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