Study Tips!


School has started again and I am not going to lie, it is pretty hard to get back on track. With that I mean to hustle as hard as I did last year, but I think I’m slowly getting there. At least I hope so…
Not to brag, but for the Dutch college/school system I am kind of a straight A student. Often I am asked for help or why I always get high grades, so I thought maybe I can help you guys! (Again, I am not bragging.) I hope my tips will help!

  1. Start early! That is the most difficult thing for me at the moment since I got obsessed with Netflix during the summer break.  However, this tip is very important! Start early with learning and with writing essays, this way its easier to keep up with life and  reduce the risk of crying in a fetal position because of stress.
  2. Make a to-do list! I find to-do lists very helpful , because you keep track of your tasks. College is super busy, with this type of lists it becomes easier to handle and crossing stuff off the lists feels so damn good!
  3. Make summaries! I cannot stress this enough. Making summaries helps me a lot when I am studying. I always try to make a summary as soon as possible for every subject, so after we talked about a chapter during class I will make a summary of that chapter the same week. The theory becomes easier to remember and again 0 stress when the exams are coming closer. I like to write my summaries with pen and paper, however typing it out is also fine. I have the feeling that writing it down helps me with remembering things better, but use what works for you! A few weeks before the test I like to start reading the summary and highlight the most important things. Again it becomes easier to remember (and it looks nice).​

4.        Flash cards! I like to make flash cards when there are a lot of years or concepts that I need to                     remember. Making it can be quite a tasks, so maybe you can make them with classmates and                       share the cards with them.
5.       Test your knowledge! Of course you can do this with flash cards, but other ways are letting your               parents, classmates or any other person that wants to help, test you by asking questions.
6.       Practise! You can do this by making exercises or even better, get your hands on a mock exam.                     Then you know how the test will look like, practise, test your knowledge and learn from the                          mistakes that you made.

I think that was it. i hope that these tips helped you out and/or gave you a bit more motivation to starts studying. Leave a comment down below or contact me on social media and let me know what you would like to read next on my blog.

Love life,


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