Last weekend I visited Mysteryland, for the second year in a row with my boyfriend and some friends. Mysteryland is known as the festival of music and arts, it is very open minded and attracts a lot of different kind of people every year. If you want to get to know more about the festival, click here. Even though, the festival was officially held on Saturday and Sunday  we were able to get camping tickets and stayed there from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. The weekend was filled with dance/techno music, weird dance moves and most importantly delicious food!
On Friday night we danced to DJ’s I had never heard of, but the music was great and it felt like everyone was having the time of their lives. Just like last year their was a food truck on the campsite that sold organic fries that still had the potato skin on it. Raving about fries feels a bit weird, but these are the best fries I ever had. So, we had to eat them again. If you ever have the opportunity to get fries from Friethoes (friet is Dutch for fries) than go get them!


On the first day of Mysteryland we mostly looked around to see the different types of stages and the artworks that were displayed at the festival, since there weren’t a lot of artist that we wanted to see. We did saw some artist perform but my favourites of that day where KSHMR, Kriss Kross Amsterdam and FeestdjRuud. After FeestdjRuud at the stage Crazy Town we went to Q-Dance for the end show of that day hosted by The Viper. I don’t really enjoy the type of music at this stage, but it was okayish and the lasers and fireworks were amazing!


On  the last day of the actual festival I partied to Da Tweekaz, Robin Schulz (!!!), FeestdjRuud again and Diplo/Major Lazer. I wish we stayed longer at the mainstage for Robin Schulz, but most of the boys wanted to go to the Q-Dance stage for Frontliner. We also saw him last year and I enjoyed that performance way more compared to this year. Probs, because I was very cold. So after grabbing my boyfriend’s jacket at the campsite I met the boys at Crazy Town where we got some food and partied during the last performance of FeestdjRuud ever at Mysteryland.  Then it was sadly time for the last end show hosted by Diplo/Major Lazer.
I also ate a Turkish pizza, a Dutch croquette and some more fries, but I forgot to take a picture of it 😦
When we woke up on Monday, it was time for breakfast (uhm duh) and to pack our stuff. All in all, Mysteryland was again an amazing experience and I would recommend this festival to everybody. I hope we can visit Mysteryland again, next year! I am going to miss the fries… But I will definitely (try to) recreate the pickled cucumbers that were on the burger and the triple bread grilled cheese!

Hopefully you enjoyed this blogpost, below you can find more pictures that I took during the weekend 🙂

Cute entrance at a small forest

There was a massive bird cage and I thought the top looked pretty from the inside of the cage, so I had to take a picture!


Q-Dance stage

Me and Jordy

Every year there is a Healing Garden, where you can do yoga and meditate

The entrance of a bridge

This picture was taken during the end show on Sunday at the mainstage

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